God of War Ragnarok Berserker Gravestone Locations Guide

The amount is big and enemies are tough.

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God of War Ragnarok has plenty of side quests as you traverse through its terrain and Favors are one of those optional challenges that can be very crucial to your character’s gear and weapons progression. Once you have the ‘Inert Hilt of Skofnung,’ you will find a few bosses in ‘Main Quest: The Word of Fate.’ Unlocking this chapter is necessary because you can’t achieve ‘Favor: Fit for a King‘ until these conditions are met. For that, you must find God of War: Ragnarok Berserker Gravestone from different areas of the map, and this journey will bring many dangerous Berserker bosses in front of you.

There are a total of 10 Berserker Gravestones locations in the game, having 13 Berserkers. However, the harder part is that you can face many bosses simultaneously in a few of these places, so you should be ready for a fierce battle. If you think you need to miss out on this ‘finding task’ and move ahead, you can’t do that, as there is no way to avoid passing by the Berserker Gravestones in GoW Ragnarok. To visit the Gravestone in Niflheim, you must first complete the narrative. These tasks are equally important and contribute to the overall mark.

However, once you are prepared to travel in search of all these stones, you should have a Ressurection Stone and the best gear & weapons you can obtain. This stone allows you to resurrect yourself. Furthermore, it’s also helpful to enable ‘Midfight Checkpoints‘ from in-game Combat settings. Activating this option will save the game every time a boss is reduced to half health, and you will fight that boss with its 50% health even if you respawn again. Anytime you find yourself in a tough situation during combat, skip this for now and move toward the next one. You can revisit this Berserker Gravestone location after gaining more experience and power. Below, we explain how and where you can find all Berserker Gravestones in God of War Ragnarok.

1. Midgard – The Lake of Nine

  • Fraekni the Zealous Boss Fight

You can find the Berserker Gravestone close to the Shores of Nine, towards the northern side of Tyr’s Temple. After defeating the Fraekni the Zealous boss, you will get the 2 Tempered Remnants, 25 Bonded Leather, 25 Shattered Runes, and Berserker Waist Guard.

Fraekni the Zealous has quite a high death rate, but her attack technique is not difficult to learn. While Fraekni’s ranged attacks are unblockable, they are nonetheless liable to dodging and counterattacking. Secondly, she can execute a block break hit by jumping up. Avoiding and countering both assaults will be necessary here. After successfully guarding yourself against her blows, try to hit the strikes only when the right time comes, and she is exposed to them.

2. Svartalfheim – Jarnsmida Pitmines

  • Bodvar the Fierce and Starolfr the Troublesome Bosses

From the Mystic Gateway in The Applecore, proceed west/northwest, and keep going until you see the light. This roadway leads you straight to Ragnarok Gravestone. Beating Bodvar the Fierce and Starolfr the Troublesome will earn you a wealth of rewards, such as the Hind of the Nine Realms, a Gale Flame, 5 Tempered Ruins, 80 Bonded Leather, and 75 Shattered Runes.

You’ll have to watch for not one but two bosses in this encounter. Bodvar the Fierce will have two shields, while Starolfr the Troublesome will hold the two swords. There is a barrage of attacks from both of them, some of which are unblockable, some of them are shatter blocks, and a few of which can be deadly ranged assaults. By properly dodging their attacks after good understanding and using all of your abilities, the best approach is to take down one at a time.

3. Svartalfheim – Nidavellir

  • Hardrefill the Callous Boss

The Gravestone is located near the docks in the western part of Nidavellir’s central town. It is the place where you initially encountered Durlin. You can earn two Tempered Remnants, Asgard’s Fortitude, 25 Shattered Runes, and 25 Bonded Leather by beating the Hardrefill the Callous.

This boss’s attacks do not have as much strength and variety as the previous ones. He will launch into a sequence of quick blows, including conventional and block break strikes. Avoiding or evading these attacks and then following up with damage is possible. If you see a green sign on the ground, it means Hardrefill is about to launch his deadly jumping attack. You can use this to anticipate where he’ll fall in the next moment and take an evasive move to avoid getting hit.

4. Svartalfheim – Alberich Island

  • Beigadr the Feared Boss

When you complete the first three-quarters of the main storyline, “The Word of Fate,” you get a Berserker Gravestone in the Alberich Island’s middle part. Asgard’s Might, 2 Tempered Remnants, 25 Bonded Leather, and 25 Shattered Runes are your rewards for beating this boss.

Due to his enchantment, Beigadr primarily uses lightning bolts from a distance. One of his power moves has him throwing four flashing orbs, while the other involves thunder striking the entire battleground at highlighted danger zones. He will throw several jabs when he’s up close, but they are just standard strikes that may be deflected or avoided. Considering how often he hits from a distance, you should avoid going all out and instead resort to ranged hits when required to even the odds.

5. Alfheim – The Barrens

  • Svipdagr the Cold and 2 Sisters of Illska Bosses

You must have completed the ‘The Word of Fate’ in Midgard’s King’s Site before you may go to eastern Barrens for Berrester Gravestone. Defeat Svipdagr the Cold and the Sisters of Illska to finish the task. In exchange for your efforts, you will receive Frozen Flame, Asgard’s Security, Berserker Cuirass, 5 Tempered Remnants, 75 Shattered Runes, and 180 Bonded Leather.

As this is a three-on-three battle, the Sisters of Illska will combine their health so consider them one. Svipdagr the Cold will carry two axes, while the Sisters of Illska wield fire and ice magic. Due to their shared health bar and tendency to employ long-range attacks, the Sisters should be your primary target. After defeating them, you will then battle with the other boss.

6. Alfheim – The Forbidden Sands

  • Hjalti the Stolid Boss

You can find this Gravestone in the southern part of The Forbidden Sands. Just finish off Hjalti the Stolid, and this tombstone quest will be complete. The 3 Tempered Remnants, a Grip of the Nine Realms, 40 Bonded Leather, and 40 Shattered Ruins are all up for grabs.

You should stick near her during the fight to avoid taking too much damage from Hjalti’s shield attack spell, which she uses infrequently. She also has a ranged strike that cannot be blocked in which she leaps and fires two bolts toward you. Furthermore, avoid getting hit by an unblockable zone-affected smash. These assaults will, for the most part, be carried out at a good distance. Keep near to her and execute all of your fighting abilities and weapons to put some good blows to damage the boss.

7. Vanaheim – Pilgrim’s Landing

  • Hvitserkr the Bold Boss

Pilgrim’s Landing features another Berserker Gravestone right amid the town. Once you have conquered Hvitserkr the Bold and all his irritating minions, you can mark this task as accomplished. After you have defeated this boss, you will be rewarded with Pommels of the Nine Realms, 3 Tempered Remnants, 25 Bonded Leather, and 40 Shattered Runes.

Hvitserkr uses a poisonous attack and can call on the assistance of Shadows and Nightmares in battle. Don’t try killing the goons immediately; he’ll resurrect them if they perish. Ranged blows will make up the bulk of his repertoire; examples include two poison bolts, four poison shots at once, and a summon attack in which he spawns explosive foes on you. While blocking is an option for the standard assault, dodging is recommended when dealing with other attacks, especially the summoning blow, which can hit multiple times in a row. He’ll charge on you and slash many times, although these are not highly exceptional assaults.

8. Vanaheim – The Sinkholes

  • Haklangr the Bearded Boss

Travel southwest of the Sinkholes, and move to the bottom of the stairs leading to the Celestial Altar. You can find the stone in the island’s middle. You must take down Haklangr, the Bearded boss, to complete it. The rewards for killing this boss are Chaos Flame, 5 Tempered Remnants, 60 Bonded Leather, and 75 Shattered Runes.

Several times during the conflict, Haklangr uses a shield to protect his energy. If he does this, you can either use an elementally opposed weapon on him or the widely effective Draupnir Spear to shatter his defense. Each of his punches will either bypass defenses or be difficult to escape. You should avoid them, but parrying his blow attacks is an option. If you are at a distance, he’ll try to breach your defenses by jumping and landing on you, and then he will probably go for the frontal combination. You can easily defeat him by unleashing all your strengths and relying on your reflexes to keep him at bay.

9. Niflheim – Mist Fields

  • Skjothendi the Unerring Boss

Reaching the westernmost point from the Mystic Gateway will lead you to this Gravestone. You can earn 3 Tempered Remnants, Berserker Gauntlets, 40 Shattered Runes, and 40 Bonded Leather by defeating Skjothendi the Unerring. As the only God of War Ragnarok boss with access to Bifrost assaults and teleportation, Skjorthendi is unrivaled in difficulty. But if you have Remedy of the Bifrost and Celestial Panacea Amulet enchantments, it becomes easy for you to handle this giant.

10. Midgard – King’s Grave

  • King Hrolf Boss

Once you have eliminated the remaining 12 Berserkers, the last Gravestone in King’s Grave in Midgard will become active. There has never been a battle more difficult than this one in the game. You should aim for Gear Level 9, at the very least. You will gain 300 Bonded Leather, Hilt of Skofnung, and Helheim’s Virtue for killing this boss. Moreover, you will be awarded the Grave Mistake trophy.

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