Fortnite’s Latest Leaks Point to a Major Star Wars Collaboration: LEGO Edition

Revealing new skins and secrets in the upcoming Fortnite x Star Wars LEGO collaboration.

By GamesRecon

Yesterday, the leak about Fortnite’s 2024 roadmap dropped like a bomb on social media. The leak, originally appearing on 4chan, laid out the entire year for Fortnite, including some eye-catching mentions of upcoming seasons and exciting new game modes like Fortnite Festival, LEGO, and Rocket Racing. But the buzz didn’t stop there. Earlier today, another intriguing leak surfaced, this time shining a spotlight on Fortnite’s LEGO mode and a Star Wars collaboration that could have fans reaching for their lightsabers.

Shared by Jorge Most on the X (former Twitter), an image ignited the imaginations of gamers and Star Wars enthusiasts alike. It features LEGO versions of iconic Star Wars characters—Death Trooper, Chewbacca, C3PO, and a Rebel sentry from Yavin IV—none of them are in the game’s roaster for now. The artwork also tantalizingly displays X-Wings and TIE fighters in the backdrop, leaving us wondering whether these will be playable vehicles or simply part of a cinematic experience within the game. And there’s a blue lightsaber, conspicuously placed, hinting that we might soon wield these in LEGO form in Fortnite for the very first time.

Jorge Most, the leaker, hinted that this image is just a snippet of a larger scene he was urged not to reveal entirely. The authenticity of this image remains unconfirmed, but the excitement it has stirred is very real.

A LEGO Star Destroyer in the Desert?

Last night’s roadmap leak not only teased us with the Star Wars collaboration but also dropped names for upcoming events and seasons. Set for a May debut—timed perfectly with Star Wars Day on 4th May—the collaboration looks to be a cornerstone of Fortnite’s strategy for letting its community remain engaged in the game. The roadmap even depicted a LEGO Star Destroyer hovering over a desert, adding to the hype.

A Star-Studded Year for Fortnite Festival

The roadmap didn’t just tease Star Wars fans; music lovers have their share of excitement too. Billie Eilish is rumored to kick off the next Fortnite Festival season soon, with Metallica, Karol G, and Snoop Dogg allegedly lined up for subsequent seasons. As for Fortnite’s Battle Royale, we’re looking at an apocalyptic theme featuring collaborations with Metallica, Fall Guys, and Pirates of the Caribbean, followed by a season dedicated to the Fantastic Four.

Chewbacca and More: What’s Coming?

Long-standing rumors suggest that Chewbacca will join Fortnite to commemorate the Star Wars event starting May 3rd, especially since data-miners have reportedly revealed plans to introduce his Bowcaster as a limited-time weapon. Additionally, whispers of a new Leia Organa skin, reminiscent of her look from Star Wars: Battlefront II and different comics are also in the talks. There’s even talk of John Williams’ iconic Cantina Band track making an appearance at the Fortnite Festival.

The LEGO leak implies not only a Chewbacca skin but also suggests that C3PO, the Rebel Sentry, and Death Trooper will be playable characters, with their skins available in both battle royale and LEGO variants.

As we edge closer to May 3rd and the next big Star Wars event in Fortnite, both leaks—the LEGO and the roadmap—serve as tantalizing teasers of what might be coming to surprise us. Epic Games has remained tight-lipped so far, adding an extra layer of mystery and excitement. Stay tuned, as we continue to follow these developments closely.