Baldur’s Gate 3 Steal the Sacred Idol Walkthrough

Here's the complete walkthrough to finish the Steal the Sacred Idol side quest.

By GamesRecon

Ever been tempted to get a trinket even if the entire town might want your head for it? Well, I’ve got the juicy details on Baldur’s Gate 3 Steal the Sacred Idol, which is one of the game’s side quests. This ain’t your usual pick-up-and-run gig, tucked away in the Druids’ Grove, some tiefling kiddos will drop a proposition on you that’s as risky as it sounds lucrative; your task is to snatch the Silvanus’s idol that the druids were using for their rituals. Dive headfirst, and you might find yourself in the middle of some high-octane grove drama, potentially derailing other quests you’ve got simmering on the back burner. But don’t sweat it; I’m here to guide you through the mess and maybe, get you the sweet reward.

Baldur’s Gate 3 Steal the Sacred Idol Quest

Baldur’s Gate 3 Steal the Sacred Idol Quest Guide

Before you enter into this mission, you’ve got to wrap up the “Investigate the Beach” quest. And remember Mirkon and those pesky harpies? Make sure Mirkon doesn’t become bird food. Rescuing him is your golden ticket to unlocking this quest. After you have got all that sorted, go to the Dragon’s Lair in the Druids’ Grove. You’ll meet this intriguing character, Mol. And guess what? Mol’s got a proposition for you that’ll make your rogue senses tingle. And if the thrill of theft doesn’t excite you, the promise of a share from selling that Idol of Silvanus in the bustling city of Baldur’s Gate sure will.

Now, if you’re like me and sometimes can’t resist the urge to just stroll up and get what you want, you can totally do that with the Idol. Just strut on over and grab it. But, fair warning, this isn’t some video game store where you just lift a candy bar. The Druids’ Grove is gonna erupt like a volcano. We’re talking about druids turning on each other, NPCs dropping and getting killed like flies, and a bunch of side quests meeting a premature end. And don’t forget about having to square off against some super grumpy druids. After that, you can still go back to Druids’ Grove and deliver that Idol to Mol.

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But, if you’re the ninja type, you’ve got options. Instead of causing a mini-apocalypse, you can put on your best stealth shoes and tiptoe your way to pilfering glory. This way, you get a shot at bluffing, charming, or outright intimidating anyone who catches you red-handed. Pro tip: Wait till you’ve cooled things down in the grove, you know, patched things up between the druids and tieflings, before you make your move; the timing makes all the difference.

Best Choice Here: Even if you’re a diplomacy wizard and you’ve managed to get the druids and tieflings to sing together by getting on good terms between them, pinching that Idol is still gonna rustle some jimmies. But, on the bright side, it won’t be a full-on “West Side Story” rumble between these parties. So, remember when I told you about the sneaky approach? That’s your golden ticket right here. If you can channel your inner rogue and pocket the Idol of Silvanus without being spotted, you’re gonna be in a much better position to talk or muscle your way out of any sticky situations.

To get the smoothest heist, your goal should be to heal the rift in the grove first. Whether that means changing Kagha’s heart, finding another peacemaker solution, or just being the Grove’s favorite mediator, get that done. Then, and only then, go all Ocean’s Eleven on that idol.

Imagine: you’ve collected the Idol and the Grove is buzzing like a beehive you’ve just whacked with a stick. If there are still brawls, skirmishes, and maybe an odd fireball or two flying around on the battlefields, Mol’s gonna be too frazzled to chat. So, before you can go to them for some dialogue, you need to have a bit of peacekeeping (or peacemaking) to do in this area.

Now comes the fun part: Do you hand over the Idol you worked so hard for, or do you keep it to yourself? It’s your choice but remember, Mol won’t give you closure (or that promised reward) until you pass it over and the Steal the Sacred Idol in Baldur’s Gate 3 will not end. If you decide to play nice and give Mol the Idol, you’re in for a treat. The final reward for all that effort is a ‘Ring of Protection’, it’s not just any bling; it gives you a +1 bonus to both armor class and saving throws. That’s not the only thing you will get, Mol will promise more rewards in the upcoming journey of Baldur’s Gate.