Top Dota 2 Heroes for Mid Lane in 7.34c

Dominate the Mid Lane with the best Dota 2 heroes in patch 7.34c.

By GamesRecon

Dota 2 is celebrating its 10th anniversary with tons of updates and accessories. You can play the strategy game with your friends online to win matches and earn robust rewards. The recent release of the 7.34c patch for Dota 2 has made several changes to mid-lane heroes that can help players own their games and impress their peers.

The mid lane is the most important lane in Dota 2. Gamers can explore the wide range of gaming resources on Splore to enhance their experience in upcoming games. You can choose these Dota 2 heroes to level up faster in the mid-lane and gain more gold.


Zeus Dota 2

Zeus can be pivotal in slaying heroes by dominating the mid-lane. He can strike down his enemies from any range using his ulti to instantly eliminate heroes. You can pick Zeus to nuke your opponents with Lightning Bolts to weaken them in battles. Each Lightning Bolt can deal up to 350 damage per spell, driving his enemies back to their base.

You can buy an Arcane Boots for Zeus to increase his mana pool. The Intelligence hero can destroy heroes by casting multiple instances of Arc Lightning and Lightning Bolts. Zeus can purchase a Bottle early in the game to store and activate runes from the river between team fights. Runes like Arcane and Haste can significantly increase the chances of landing free kills for Zeus from the mid-lane.

The mini stun duration of Lightning Bolt has been increased from 0.25 to 0.35 seconds. You can use Lightning Bolt to interrupt channeling spells like Fiend’s Grip and Freezing Field. His ulti, Thundergod’s Wrath, takes less mana to be cast in 7.34c. Players can purchase an Aether Lens for Zeus to regenerate more mana after using his spells.

Night Stalker

Dota 2 Night Stalker Hero

Night Stalker has a knack for chasing his enemies across the map for easy kills. The Strength hero can head mid to max out Void before the game hits the 10-minute mark. His amazing attack speed can help Night Stalker deal a ton of damage within seconds of casting Void on his enemies.

You can carry a few Healing Salves and Enchanted Mangoes for Night Stalker to survive in the mid-lane. A Quelling Blade can increase the attack damage of Night Stalker, making it easier to get the last hits on creeps. Make sure that you unlock at least one level of Hunter in the Night to gain fast kills after the Sun sets. The passive ability, Hunter in the Night, can wreck your opponents at night by boosting his attack speed and movement speed.

Once your allies are in place, you can use Night Stalker’s ulti, Dark Ascension, to gain an advantage in battles. The bonus damage granted by Dark Ascension can be instrumental in annihilating heroes from the enemy team in 7.34c. An Aghanim’s Scepter for Night Stalker can be used to stun multiple enemies with Void. He can silence nukers during fights by casting Crippling Fear, preventing enemy heroes from using their spells for more than 3 seconds.


Sniper Hero Dota 2

A sniper is a sharpshooter who can take out opponents from vast distances. He has a range of 550 on his physical attacks, letting Sniper get more gold in the mid-lane without taking a lot of damage from creeps and heroes. Buying items like a Wraith Band and a Bracer for Sniper can let you level up faster in Dota 2 matches.

You can cast Shrapnel to slow down the movement of your enemies with Sniper. Shrapnel has up to 3 charges and can take 75 mana per cast. Sniper can farm gold in the mid lane by casting Shrapnel on enemy creeps, dealing damage to all enemy units in a radius of 475.

The bonus attack range gained from Take Aim helps Sniper stay away from enemy heroes. You can purchase a Dragon Lance for Sniper to further increase his attack range by 150. Snipers can hit their enemies with Headshots to knock them back during battles. You can collapse the first tower in the mid-lane before teleporting to other lanes for kills with the Agility hero. Sniper can deal up to 500 damage with Assassinate in the new patch. His ulti, Assassinate, can shoot bullets from a distance of 3000, allowing Sniper to mitigate his opponents without being spotted.


Pudge Dota 2

Pudge is among the oldest heroes in Dota 2. Many people prefer playing Pudge in the mid-lane to drag enemies away from their teammates. You can hook enemies from over a range of 1000 to deal 360 Pure damage to them. Placing Observer Wards around the map can improve your chances of landing a Meat Hook accurately while playing the Butcher. A few Clarity Potions can replenish mana for Pudge after casting spells, letting him get plenty of kills to lead your team to victory.

You can activate Rot to slow opponents with Pudge in lanes. Rot deals 120 damage per second (DPS), draining the health of enemy heroes. You can increase the Strength gained by Pudge with each kill using Flesh Heap. Purchasing an Urn of Shadows for Pudge can help him restore health to his allies and deal damage to enemies. Urn of Shadows can be upgraded to a Spirit Vessel to deal 35 DPS during team fights.

He can disable enemies with his ulti, Dismember. Pudge can pull enemies using Meat Hook and use Dismember to prevent them from escaping. Dismember can disable opponents for up to 2.8 seconds, letting your allies attack enemies for fast kills. Discover the biggest gaming communities through Splore to win esports tournaments with Pudge in 2023. Buying a Blink Dagger for Pudge can make Dota 2 games more fun for your team. You can purchase a Blink Dagger early for Pudge by hitting creeps in the mid-lane.


Dota 2 Muerta Character

Muerta is a hot pick for mid-lane in the 7.34c update. She is a carry hero with some spells that can turn Muerta into a mighty hero in Dota 2. The damage dealt by Dead Shot is increased from 300 to 325 in the latest patch. Muerta can use nearby trees to ricochet Dead Shots, causing her enemies to flee. You can time Dead Shots during crucial moments in team fights to help your allies reach safety.

You can max out Gunslinger to attack up to 2 enemies at once. Muerta can buy a Maelstrom to increase her attack damage. Maelstrom can release bolts of lightning per attack, making it easier to wipe out waves of enemy creeps. She can counter-carry heroes in the enemy team by activating her ulti, Pierce The Veil. Enemy heroes like Ursa, Troll Warlord, and Chaos Knight can be killed by using Pierce The Veil in lanes. Muerta will not take any damage from physical hits while her ulti is active. You can choose Muerta to lead your team from the mid-lane in Dota 2 matches.