Razer Huntsman V3 Pro TKL Review

Razer Huntsman V3 Pro TKL Review

A cut above the rest.

By GamesRecon

Razer, as you probably know, is like that friend who always has cool gadgets and gizmos. They’re known for rolling out top-tier stuff that makes gamers’ hearts beat faster, and the Razer Huntsman V3 Pro TKL is the exact release. This keyboard is like a love letter to pro gamers, packed with glowing endorsements from eSports legends and built especially for pro gamers. It’s not just about looking cool (though it does that in spades) – it’s about giving you the edge in performance, with features like rapid-fire mode and adjustable actuation that feel like they’re straight out of a sci-fi novel.

Now, it’s not all roses and sunshine; this beauty comes with a premium price tag, and its list of features might be a tad overwhelming for the casual clicker. But for those in search of a quality tenkeyless gaming keyboard that feels as good as it looks, the Huntsman V3 Pro TKL might just be the new best gear you didn’t know you needed.

Razer isn’t just throwing one size fits all at us; they’ve got a little something for everyone with three different configurations. First up, we have the star of our show, the tenkeyless model. This sleek number is what we’re talking about today. It ditches the number pad for a more compact design, perfect for those of us who need a bit more desk space or prefer mobility. Coming in at $219 on Razer’s store, it also throws in a palm rest for that extra bit of comfort during those marathon gaming sessions.

But if you’re the type who can’t part with your number pad, Razer’s got you covered with the full Pro version. For an extra thirty bucks ($249), you get all the bells and whistles of the TKL, plus the added bonus of a number pad. And for the minimalists out there, the Mini might just be your speed. This compact dynamo is a 60% keyboard, which means it says goodbye to not only the number pad but also ditches the FN keys. It’s the most budget-friendly of the bunch at $179, perfect for those looking to save some space and some cash.

So, whether you’re all about that tenkeyless lifestyle, need every key you can get your hands on, or are looking to minimalist your desk, Razer’s got an option for you – each one is designed to fulfill different needs and preferences.

Design and Build Quality

If you’re expecting something wildly different from the usual gaming keyboard or Razer’s signature style, you might be slightly disappointed. The Huntsman V3 Pro TKL sticks to a familiar script with its sleek, black design. But, don’t get me wrong, this isn’t your run-of-the-mill black keyboard. What sets it apart is the touch of elegance it brings to your desk with its brushed dark gray aluminum alloy base. It’s like that one piece of furniture that instantly elevates the look of your entire room. And let’s not forget about the per-key RGB lighting – a staple for gaming gear that adds that personalized touch to your setup.

One of my favorite features is the leatherette palmrest, it feels simply great. It attaches magnetically to the keyboard, snapping into place with such ease that you’ll wonder why everything isn’t this simple. It’s these small, thoughtful design choices that make the Huntsman V3 Pro TKL stand out.

Razer Huntsman V3 Pro TKL extra buttons and volume dial.
Image: Razor

As for the layout, it’s a tenkeyless design, meaning you won’t find a number pad here. But, it’s packed with everything else you’d need, including a dedicated space for arrow keys, a handy volume dial, a couple of extra buttons (one of which is a shortcut to the Xbox Game Bar by default), and a set of editing keys like Insert and Home. It’s a full keyboard experience minus the number pad, adjusting perfectly to those who prioritize desk space without compromising on functionality.

But, before you cut the cord with your current keyboard, note that the Huntsman V3 Pro TKL is not wireless. It connects via a USB Type-C cable, which is a small trade-off for the reliability and speed of a wired connection. So, if you want that clutter-free life, you might have to make a slight adjustment here.

Features and Functionality

This keyboard doesn’t just rest on its good looks; it comes with all the features that make it a powerhouse for gamers and typists alike. Ever forget which keys do what when you’re holding down the FN key? This keyboard’s got you covered. Holding FN lights up all the special keys you can use for different actions, making life a whole lot easier. Plus, there’s an LED display right above the arrow keys that not only shows when caps lock is on (because who hasn’t shouted in the text by accident?) but also helps you navigate through various keyboard settings.

Razer Huntsman V3 Pro TKL LED action lights.
Image: Razor

Now, for the tech-savvy folks out there, the adjustable actuation force feature is something to geek out over. This isn’t only about how hard you need to press a key before it registers; it’s about fine-tuning your keyboard to match your exact touch. Want a feather-light touch? Set it to 0.1 millimeters. Prefer a bit more resistance? Crank it up to 3.6mm or even 4.0mm using the Razer Synapse app.

Speaking of customization, let’s not skip over the Rapid Trigger mode – this feature is a nitrous boost for your keystrokes. It adjusts the reset point of your keys, so you can fire them off faster than ever. Perfect for the intense gaming moments or if you’re passionate about fast typing. And for those who love to stay in control, the keyboard includes a Gaming Mode activated by pressing FN and F10. Say goodbye to accidentally hitting the Windows key and getting yanked out of your game. Moreover, there’s a Macro mode for recording the complex sequences of actions you need to execute with just a press of a button, press FN and F9 to enable it.

This unit scales at 3.72 pounds, packed with features that justify every ounce. At its heart, you’ve got Razer’s 2nd generation Analog Optical Switches – these are built for speed and precision, with Rapid Trigger compatibility that’s like having a turbo button under your fingertips. Further, its switches are designed to last with a total 100-million keystroke lifespan. You can game hard for years, and this keyboard will keep bouncing back for more. The keys themselves are something special. They’re made from textured doubleshot PBT, giving them a durable, high-quality feel that’s as satisfying to touch as it is tough. Every keystroke feels solid and premium, just like the keyboard’s cost suggests.

Razer Huntsman V3 Pro TKL isn’t just a feast for the eyes; it’s a tool that’s been thoughtfully designed with gamers and heavy keyboard users in mind. It brings together a mix of high-tech features and user-friendly functionality that makes it a strong peripheral. With this keyboard, you will be able to enjoy every moment of the action, customization, and convenience it brings to the table.

Software and Customization

Customizing keyboard with Razer Synapse.

If you thought the onboard customization was impressive, Synapse steps into like a control room with buttons and levers for everything. This software lets you dive deep into the minutiae, making adjustments that can dial in the performance and feel of the keyboard to your exact liking.

Got a favorite game or a specific task that requires a unique setup? Synapse comes pre-loaded with five profiles, including Factory Default, Racing, FPS Rapid Trigger, Analog WASD, and High Sensitivity. These are your starting points, your templates. From here, you can get into the details, like remapping keys, tweaking analog options, and even disabling the Windows shortcuts that can yank you out of the zone.

Whether you want a feather-light touch or something that requires a bit more oomph, you can adjust the actuation for each key or the whole keyboard. And there’s a nice feature that shows a bar moving up and down as you press a key, visualizing the force you’re applying in real-time. But the best part is the Rapid Trigger mode adjustments. With Synapse, you can take this feature to new heights, fine-tuning the upstroke and downstroke sensitivity separately.

For all gamers who love their desk aesthetics as much as their gaming performance, Synapse doesn’t skimp on lighting customization either. From brightness levels to idle effects, you can sync your keyboard lighting with your mood, your game, or even your other Razer gear. In a nutshell, Razer Synapse transforms the Huntsman V3 Pro TKL from a high-performance keyboard into YOUR high-performance keyboard.

Performance and Typing Experience

What’s it actually like to use the Razer Huntsman V3 Pro TKL? Pull up a chair, because I’ve got some thoughts. Firstly, typing on this keyboard feels amazing. There’s something about the clicky feedback and the weight of each keypress that simply feels… right. And that palmrest is the cherry on top. Soft, comfortable, and the right height to keep your wrists happy even during those hours of typing or gaming sessions.

Razer Huntsman V3 Pro TKL Performance Analysis
Image: Razor

While the Huntsman V3 Pro TKL shines bright in its default state, things can get a bit, let’s say, intricate once you start looking at its deeper features. For instance, the FPS Rapid Trigger profile turns off caps lock by default, which is a neat trick until you try to toggle it back on and find yourself in a bit of a puzzle. And then there’s the little adventure of getting the Rapid Trigger mode to register your keypresses. You might find yourself doing a bit of a dance with the Razer Synapse software to get it right. On the bright side, the LED indicators do a stellar job of telling you whether your presses are registering, lighting up in green or red to give you the go-ahead or the stop sign.

Now, let’s talk about gamepad remapping and keyboard analog options because, on paper, these features are the stuff of legend. Imagine using your keyboard as a gamepad, with keys mimicking the nuanced pressure of a joystick. To get the experience and feel, I played Baldur’s Gate 3, but alas, it was more of a tale of lost potential. Despite my best efforts, the dream of seamlessly blending keyboard and gamepad controls remained just that—a dream. It seems there’s still a bit of work to be done in making these innovative features play nice with every game.

But even with these issues, the Huntsman V3 Pro TKL is a strong force in today’s competitive market. It’s like that one friend who’s incredibly talented but has a few quirks you learn to love. The key is patience. With a bit of time and tweaking, you can unlock the full potential of this gaming keyboard, making those frustrating moments only a small bump on the road to gaming and typing bliss. To sum up, the Razer Huntsman V3 Pro TKL is kinda like a high-performance sports car. Sure, there might be a learning curve, and you might have to tinker under the hood now and then, but once you get it humming, it’s an absolute joy to drive. Whether you’re gaming, typing, or admiring it on your desk, this keyboard brings a level of satisfaction and performance that’s hard to beat.

Final Verdict

From the moment you start typing on this keyboard – it’s something like your fingers are doing a happy dance on those nice PBT doubleshot keycaps. And it’s not just about the keys; the whole setup screams quality. We’re talking about a sturdy brushed aluminum alloy base and a very comfy leatherette palmrest which means you’re getting what you paid for. However, there are a bunch of intricate features that might take some time to figure out. But trust me, once you’ve got everything set up the way you like, it’s like the keyboard just gets you. The Huntsman V3 Pro TKL turns into the perfect partner for all your gaming and typing requirements.

So, who is this keyboard for? If you’re a serious gamer or want to have the best gear, this is the keyboard you’ve been looking for. It’s got everything – quick trigger modes, customizable keys, and you can even tweak it to act like a game controller. If you are looking to level up your gaming setup or love top-notch tech, this keyboard is worth every penny. But if you’re more of a casual gamer, shelling out over 200 bucks on this unit might seem a bit much. And that’s fine – there are plenty of other gaming keyboards out there that can do the job without draining your wallet.

At the end of the day, it’s stylish, performs like a dream, and packs in so much innovation. Sure, there might be a few frustrating moments while you’re getting everything to work just right, but the payoff is incredible.

Razer Huntsman V3 Pro TKL Review
Razer Huntsman V3 Pro TKL Review
Amazing 9
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