Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak Awegite Locations: How to Get this Ore

By GamesRecon

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak Awegite Ore is available in the game as a new valuable material that is necessary for manufacturing certain items. Using this item, you can manufacture high-quality gear to make it easy for you to defeat the different monsters.

Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Awegite farming isn’t as difficult as you may think. This material can be mined at certain locations at specific areas in this Role-playing adventure title. After you successfully find the black veins, you will be able to take three rare materials with which you can make new equipment.

In order to obtain large quantities of Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak Awegite, players should go on a Master Rank exploration trip of the Shrine Ruins. For that, you should need to choose the Master Rank from Princess Chichae (a controller by which Sunbreak quests are handled). In this section, you will see the expedition tour option. You will not have any time limit for this trip as in the case of normal hunting tasks. We suggest you the Shrine Ruins map for exploration and to find useful resources. The reason is that it is a beginning map and almost everyone knows its locations very well.

Where to Find Awegite Ore in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak

There are a total of 11 mine outcrops on Monster Rank in Shrine Ruins map where the players can find the Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak Awegite material. But remember, there is not any guarantee that you will find this resource from here. But hard work pays the reward, so if you examine each of these Outcrops, you will have a good chance of getting Ore. The same vein yields a variety of other rare elements as well.

Where to Find Awegite Ore in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak

Awegite can be found in the following locations:

  • Base Camp: You can climb on top of a neighboring mountain using the Great Wirebug.
  • Zone 1: To the north of the vast clearing, look for a Bamboo ridge. You can go to the cliff’s top and locate the Bamboo.
  • Zone 5 #1: Take the path to the wrecked building’s little terrace.
  • Zone 5 #2: Close to the mountain’s top, pass through the Torri gate, and look to your left as you emerge into an open area.
  • Zone 5 #3: Find the small cave on the western side of the ravine trail.
  • Zone 5 #4: Between Zones 5 and 8, explore the hills adorned with little Torii gates. You will have to look to the left of the clearing just beyond the gates.
  • Zone 5 #5: Between Zones 5 and 8, there is an unknown ravine with little torii gates which you need to discover.
  • Zone 6: Move over the cliff using wirebugs. Your desired location is towards the southwest where you will find the vein.
  • Zone 11: The monster’s southern opening is situated near the edge of the cliff where you need to go.
  • Zone 12: Awegite Ore can be found on the roadside if you follow the trail far to the north up the east coast.
  • Zone 13: See the bamboo that grows along the waterfall’s southern rim.

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak Awegite Ore Uses

By using Awegite, the players can craft many heavy and strong weapons as well as armor sets. The following table shows which equipment can be built from this resource and how much amount is required for each of them.

Equipment Crafted by Awegite Number of Ores Required
Kamura Legacy Braces 1
Kmaura Legacy Leggings 1
Kamura Legacy Head Scarf 1
Ingot Vambraces 1
Ingot Mail 1
Five Element Mask 1

When you have memorized the areas of the Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Awegite, you can explore them until you’ve gathered enough.