Modern Warfare 2 Beginners Guide: Get a Head Start Right Now

By GamesRecon

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 has a fantastic campaign of seventeen (17) fast-paced missions. With its multiplayer and solo mode, you can choose which mode to play and explore the several missions in the game. Whether you’re a newcomer or want a better head start online, this Modern Warfare 2 beginners guide is for you.

Optimize your game setting; and build custom perk packs and weapons; these are a few tips to help you win more fights in COD Modern Warfare 2. Meanwhile, this Call of Duty guide will help you get a head start.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 Beginners Guide

Optimize Your Game Settings

Sometimes, the default settings of your Modern Warfare 2 may not give you the performance you need. So, it’s important to optimize your settings to suit your play style. From visuals and audio to input devices, there are a few features you can turn on or off to enhance your gameplay.

For instance, turning off the depth of field, film grain, and motion blur will boost the visibility of your game. Also, increasing the Field of View number can help you get more views of the area you’re playing in the game.  Depending on your gaming device, you can optimize the settings to suit your play style.

Craft Custom Weapons and Perk Packs

MW2 provides you with about 51 weapons to select from, which is a lot of options to give a perfect experience. An ideal starter weapon is the M4 assault rifle, thanks to its versatility for all modes and maps. It’s a nice, easy-to-use rifle regarding recoil control.

Since you want a head start in your game, you can upgrade your weapons and grab some attachments to improve the recoil and movement speed.

Weapons like assault rifles and submachine guns are ideal for running-and-gunning playstyles. Once you’ve got your hands on these powerful guns, supporting them with perks will be your best bet in winning MW2 like never before.

As they now come in four packs, you can choose custom perks based on your play styles. Double Time, Overkill, Bird’s Eye, and Fast Hands perks are ideal for aggressive run-and-gun players.

Explore the Map Carefully

Walking carefully around the outskirts of the map you’re playing is advisable. Rushing straight into the center will leave you in the hot zone and risk being attacked by multiple enemies from different angles.

For instance, if you dive right into the market hub of Mercado Las Almas, you’re going to get a snipe from an unknown angle. Also, you could get shot from the back, and you’re doomed. Since the standard maps in MW2 are large enough for 6v6 fights, you’ll get a lot of combat opportunities when you work from the map’s outskirts to the inwards.

It gives you more time to familiarize yourself with the feel and environment around the map. Also, it’ll allow you to find a perfect position to launch your attack on enemies. For instance, if you’ve got powerful ranged weapons like the marksman, assault rifle, or sniper, the rooftop or tower will give you an overhead advantage.

Aim High for Head Shot Opportunities

Weapons in Modern Warfare 2 come with extremely swift time-to-kill. For this reason, aiming high gives you great opportunities for headshots. Although aiming down sight is a great technique for getting more kills, aiming high is also ideal for getting more kills and wins.

As you proceed to buildings, turn corners, and peek through windows, aiming high allows you to take out enemies easily. Any enemy you bump into is prone to getting your bullets in less than no time.

Link up with Your Team

No matter how perfectly you play solo, linking up with your team gives you a head start. By linking up with your team, you can communicate with one another, share ideas, talk about tactical moves to conquer enemies, and lots more.

During the customization of your loadouts and perks selection, your team members can assist you in picking the best and appropriate for your play style.

When picking your team, select at least two or more experienced players. They’ll always provide practical ideas to help you enjoy your MW2 gameplay.


Now that you’ve walked through the MW2 guide to get a head start online, taking action is the only thing left. So, optimize your game settings to suit your play style. Secondly, craft custom weapons and select perk packs wisely.

Explore the map from the outskirts and advance carefully inwards. Always aim high; it can help you get headshots and fast kills.

More importantly, link up with your team. It helps you learn more about the game faster and easier. Further, you can also check out how long is COD Modern Warfare 2 or how to level up quickly in MW2 multiplayer.