Mario vs Donkey Kong Trailer Release Explained – New Mode and More

Mario vs Donkey Kong Trailer on Nintendo Switch reveals new worlds and play styles in latest trailer.

By GR Official

Mario and Donkey Kong, the revamped version of the classic Mario amazed with its new look on Nintendo Switch. When it’s just one month short from its release which is February 16, 2024, Mario vs Donkey Kong’s trailer has shown some new interesting additions to the game.

The latest edition is coming with the additional two new Worlds, Merry Mini-Land and Slippery Summit. Merry Mini-Land is based on the amusement park while the Slippery Summit includes mountains with ice-covered areas.

When it comes to the play style, they are modified too: Classic and Casual. Classic holds the same gameplay that we enjoyed in the previous original game, while Casual seems to be a simplified challenge for the ones with less puzzle-solving experience and gives more chances to solve puzzles when things go wrong. Nintendo is also making sure to add plus levels, expert levels, and the time attack for this revamped version.

One more thing that will amaze you and what we found in the Mario vs Donkey Kong Trailer is the total levels, and those will be more than 130, thanks to all the new features, the new world, and the old rivalry between Mario and Donkey Kong. Watch the trailer below:

The original Mario and Donkey Kong was released on the Game Boy Advance in 2004. It’s reawakening the rivalry between Mario and Donkey Kong in the puzzle series game. The storyline is shaped by the love of Donkey Kong with the toys named Mini Marios. When the news of the toys sold out at the toy store comes, the big ape breaks into the factory and steals the toys. Mario follows there to get back the toys.