Kratos in the Land of Pyramids: Fan-Made God of War 6 Trailer Envisions Egyptian Adventure

Check out a fan's breathtaking concept of Kratos' epic journey across the magnificent settings of ancient Egypt.

By GamesRecon

It’s almost a year since the epic God of War Ragnarok graced our screens, and fans are left on the edge of their seats, yearning for another installment. While no official confirmation for a third installment has hit the airwaves, fans are using their creativity to visualize the future of our beloved Spartan warrior, Kratos.

God of War and God of War Ragnarok, refreshed makeovers to the adored God of War franchise, have taken us on exhilarating journeys filled with Norse mythology. Released in 2018 and November 2022, respectively, they have brought us closer to Kratos and his son Atreus as they explore the ancient lands of Scandinavia, leaving fans wondering and hopeful about where their next adventure will unfold.

While the frosty, majestic landscapes of ancient Scandinavia serve as a compelling backdrop to Kratos and Atreus’s journey, fans eagerly anticipate a change of scenery, perhaps even a shift to the historical and mystic realms of Ancient Egypt. This expectation has been brilliantly captured by a talented Youtuber and video creator, who used the power of Unreal Engine 5 to craft a captivating trailer, giving us a glimpse into what the God of War 6 set in Egypt might look like.

The fan-made trailer is a spectacle to behold. It takes us alongside Kratos as he traverses the expansive sandy landscapes of Egypt, explores concealed tombs, and goes through the ancient pyramids lined with ominous sarcophagi. The journey through Egypt’s iconic landscapes is accentuated with stunning visuals brought to life by the Unreal Engine 5, culminating in Kratos’s foreboding words (or rather, a growl), “We have a long journey ahead.”

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While this Egyptian chapter is still a product of fan’s imagination and desire, the idea of Kratos and Atreus immersing themselves in Egyptian mythology presents an enticing prospect. After the original series, steeped in Greek mythology, and the recent games’ foray into Norse legends, a venture into Egyptian lore would be a refreshing and exciting new path for Santa Monica Studio to consider.

Imagine a world where the stoic and imposing Kratos faces off against a Sphinx’s enigmatic and perplexing riddles or navigates the intricate politics and powers of the Egyptian gods. The potential for fantastic graphics, compelling storyline, and exciting new challenges in such a setting is boundless.