God of War Ragnarok Review

Sony Santa Monica has done it again! They've knocked it out of the park once more!

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God of War Ragnarok is a highly anticipated action-adventure game and the sequel to 2018’s critically acclaimed God of War, developed by Santa Monica Studio. Sony recently released the game, and fans everywhere are diving into Kratos’ new story with an open mind and high expectations. As one of the most popular franchises in the gaming industry, we were excited to see how this chapter in Kratos’ adventure developed. Here is our God of War Ragnarok review.

The Ragnarok is an outstanding title with several innovative aspects brought together to make it a unique experience worth playing more than once. This game promises a whole new adventure and a whole lot of excitement. The game offers players the chance to go back to the past and play as the original protagonist, Kratos, or to experience the story for the first time in an all-new game environment. There are several different areas to explore in this newest installment, including combat, puzzles, and collectibles. The game gives you a captivating story filled with Norse mythology and intense combat that will surely draw you in.

The first thing we noticed was the drastic visual enhancements from its predecessor – from realistic character models to beautiful environments built on well-crafted details. Every aspect of this title has seen a tremendous improvement over the initial God of War. You’ll be able to explore these environments freely, collecting items and engaging with characters that will help tell the story. Additionally, introducing multiple playable characters – such as Atreus – make for an even more enjoyable playthrough.

God of Ragnarok has impressed with its quality visuals!
God of Ragnarok has impressed with its quality visuals!

If you are a fan of the God of War series, you should get your hands on it. It’s a game that’s sure to please the fans, and it also has a strong, satisfying storyline. The game’s main protagonist is Kratos, a former Greek God of War and the father of Atreus, while in this tale, Kratos is on a mission to rescue Freyr, kidnapped by the Einherjar. During his travels, Kratos kills the Norse God Heimdall and takes his horn to Asgard. But when he returns to Vanaheim, he realizes Freyr is in danger.

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The game’s plot is set during Fimbulwinter, a three-year winter covering Midgard. When the time comes, Odin arrives, promising to leave Kratos alone if he comes to Asgard. The player will participate in multiple side missions and puzzles throughout the game. Some are mandatory, and others are optional. Regardless of which side quests you choose, you’ll have to use your time wisely. However, these puzzles can be challenging. “Ragnarok” has strong, well-written characters and an intriguing storyline. The combat is solid, and the level design is incredibly well-developed.

Ragnarok has a more elaborate level design and a more expansive campaign. Kratos and Atreus need to journey to each of the Nine Realms to fulfill a prophecy that will destroy Asgard. That involves battling Norse gods and monsters and overcoming a variety of obstacles. Before the final battle, Ragnarok is unleashed upon the realms. Tyr, the former Norse God of War, is prophesied to lead Ragnarok’s armies, and Kratos and Atreus are determined to find him.

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Ragnarok puts a lot of tough monsters on you throughout the journey
Ragnarok puts a lot of tough monsters on you throughout the journey.

Odin is Asgard’s king and the Allfather of the Nine Realms. His ravens watch over the realms. When the gods disobey him, he kills them. After several years, Thor appears, seeking revenge for his dead sons. But when Kratos injures him, Thor retreats. Thor wants to return to the battle with his sons gone. Atreus and Freya try to convince him to join the war. However, he’s reluctant to do so and is afraid he won’t be able to live in Midgard when Thor returns. He agrees to go with Atreus to an old temple. They’ll discover more about Ragnarok at the shrine and what it means. And they’ll also be able to see hidden prophecies.

When it comes down to combat, God of War Ragnarok does not disappoint either, from its visceral close-quarters melee fights to predicting enemy movements through the strategic use of your environment. It provides something for all players, regardless of their gaming preferences. In Ragnarok, the developers have improved upon this staple of the franchise. This game features a new skill tree, various weapons, and a skill buff system. The best part about these changes is that the game still has plenty of room for growth. Combat in Ragnarok is fun as well as challenging.

Of course, no good action role-playing title would be complete without its narrative elements driving motivation forward, and God of War Ragnarok delivers an intriguing story full of twists and turns (as well as some heartbreaking moments). You will want to keep playing to find out what happens next! As with any action-adventure game, it’s important to be prepared. If you’re unsure what attack you should use, look at the various types of enemies. There are light elves, lava golems, and demon frogs.

Fine Pair of Weapons

When playing God of War Ragnarok, you can use various weapons, ranging from the old to the new. These are all aimed at helping you deal with your enemies. The different types of weapons in Ragnarok also have their special abilities, as they can either kill the enemy alone or subdue hordes. The Leviathan Axe is Kratos’ main weapon. It is a powerful frost-based attack that can deal a lot of damage. In addition, it allows you to sneak in elemental damage, which is perfect for keeping ranged enemies in check. Blades of Chaos are also back. These are light rune attacks, but you can upgrade to heavy attacks, which are more effective against icy and ice-based enemies.

There is a fine collection of great weapons introduced
There is a fine collection of great weapons introduced.

However, you’ll have to wait a little longer when it comes to the most impressive weapon. The game has a new skill called Whiplash, which aims to infuse Blades of Chaos with fire. These attacks are more complex than the usual slash. Aside from the Whiplash, other weapons will make your life easier. These include shields, which have a variety of abilities. They can block, absorb, and even unleash a wave of kinetic energy. However, shields are limited because they don’t allow you to parry.

Amazing Enchantment System

Additionally, upgrading Kratos’ weapons and gear to become more powerful is always satisfying–especially when combined with some rage tactics applied during boss fights can sometimes land you big rewards. God of War Ragnarok offers a variety of Enchantments to enhance your equipment and abilities. They can provide stat boosts, idle buffs, and even bonus perks. The players can find the Enchantments throughout the game – these can be acquired in chests, through dungeons, or by defeating enemies. The best enchantments provide various benefits, but a few are unique, and others offer small buffs. However, some Enchantments are only available from the game’s main quest line.

The first step to equip Enchantments is to pick out an Armor piece with an Enchantment socket. Some Armor pieces do not have slots, while others have up to three. Moreover, if an Armor piece has a rare rarity, it may only have one Enchantment Socket. The best Armor Sets in the game have multiple Enchantment Slots. For example, Gold Gear often has at least two, allowing for powerful stat boosts. It’s recommended to focus on armor that supports your character’s stats.

Enchantments have four different rarity categories: Common, Perfect, Rare, and Gold. Each rarity has different stat bonuses. Typically, Gold Enchantments have very high stats, but sometimes they have a very powerful perk. In addition to improving Armor, Enchantments can increase a weapon’s damage. These buffs usually stack up on the weapon itself, so the more enchantments a weapon has, the more damage it can do.

Puzzles are an Important Part

God of War Ragnarok includes different puzzles, which are a vital part of the game. Although they are not the most challenging, they are a great way to get closer to the solution. However, there are some aspects of the puzzles that might be confusing to new players. Most of them are found in the mines, and these will require you to figure out how the mechanics work. The main purpose of these puzzles is to give you something to do. Environmental puzzles will require you to figure out how to move objects, pull them in a certain direction, or burn them away.

One of the most notable puzzles in Ragnarok is the water puzzle which involves the use of geysers. It’s a good strategic part because it helps clear up areas otherwise blocked by mines. Another is the Leviathan Axe, which is used to freeze and lock gear. It is especially useful for locking large mechanisms, though it also has a downside. When using the Leviathan Axe, Kratos’ movements will slow down considerably. If you’re not careful, it could be not easy to move quickly enough to solve the puzzle.

Puzzles are crucial in your Ragnarok adventure, but some can be tricky for you
Puzzles are crucial in your Ragnarok adventure, but some can be tricky for you.

There is no denying that God of War Ragnarok is one of the great video game releases of 2022, alongside Elden RingModern Warfare 2, and some others. However, it has its flaws. For instance, hucking an ax at an object can get very frustrating. Moreover, the puzzles are tedious because most follow the same rules. You have to find a particular angle to pick up an item. But luckily, the Puzzle Aim assist helps and will point you in the right direction and is helpful when you’re not close enough to an item. The Mystical Heirloom is another cool feature – this item can upgrade Kratos’ abilities and give you a chance to find more loot.

God of War Ragnarok has hundreds of collectible locations, which include items such as artifacts, Draugr Holes, Berserker Gravestones, weapons, and more. While some can be obtained in the main storyline, you can get the others through side quests or in the afterlife. Unlike most video games, you can get these without completing the main story. However, some items may require you to invest time and effort. You can also use the collectible tracker on the map to find them. Finding and using them is a fun and rewarding part of the game. The players can use these items to buy new equipment, improve their health and strength, and earn money. But to get the most out of your experiences, you need to know where to look.

Aside from the main story, there are 47 side quests in God of War Ragnarok. Almost all are located within specific realms, and some are cross-realm. God of War Ragnarok’s side quests are valuable for their rewards and for revealing more about the world. There are also several side missions that help players learn about Norse mythology. The Weight of Chains side quest is set in Svartalfheim, a semi-open world lake area. It’s a gruesome and heartbreaking story involving a huge aquatic creature.

God of War Ragnarok has a deeply intricate story filled with various characters fleshed out through cinematics and stunning cut scenes. You’ll be taken on a roller coaster ride as Kratos embarks on his quest to prevent Ragnarok – a devastating event prophesied at the end of the Norse cosmos – while also dealing with other epic tasks along the way.


Sony’s new God of War installment, Ragnarok, is one of the most exciting and critically acclaimed games to hit the market this year. The game follows Kratos, a compelling anti-hero who has been on an amazing and thrilling journey through Norse mythology. This iteration marks Kratos’ fourth journey into gods and myths from the series, but with much refinement that draws from the previous entries in the series.

God of War Ragnarok stands out from other games thanks to its breathtaking environments, intense combat mechanics enriched by powerful abilities and runes stones, and smart enemy AI challenging even veteran players on higher difficulty settings – not forgetting about its captivating storyline brought forward by memorable characters – all highlighted by state-of-the-art graphics! It allows players to truly enjoy their isolated adventure unlike ever before in this franchise. We highly recommend trying it if you want an amazing gaming experience.

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God of War: Ragnarok Review
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