Is Lords of the Fallen Cross-Platform or Crossplay?

Find out how Lords of the Fallen opens up a playground for cross-platform play, making the sinister dance with deadly foes a shared thrill across PC and consoles.

By GamesRecon

In the realm of Soulslike games, each adventure tends to be a blend of thrilling, challenging, and at times, a bit overwhelming. Lords of the Fallen, with its spine-chilling locations and dangerous foes lurking around every nook, is the perfect example of this blend. As you valiantly traverse through its perilous lands, the idea of having teammates share the burden (and the fun!) becomes quite appealing. And guess what? Lords of the Fallen gladly offers you the opportunity to invite a friend into your world for some hearty cooperative play. As you face down terrifying creatures together, the buddies can turn the treacherous journey into an exhilarating adventure.

Now, if the mate you want to bring along is playing the game on a different platform, you might wonder, Is Lords of the Fallen cross-platform? We’ve got you covered on whether crossplay is on the table, making the sinister world of LotF a playground for multiplayer cross-platform play.

Is Lords of the Fallen Cross-Platform: Crossplay Multiplayer Explained

For the wonders of crossplay, it’s like opening doors to a grand party where the more, the merrier, regardless of which gaming system they swear allegiance to. When it comes to Lords of the Fallen, there’s a smidge of good news for those looking to break down the platform walls.

There is crossplay possible for Lords of the Fallen between PC and consoles.
There is crossplay possible for Lords of the Fallen between PC and consoles.

So, is Lords of the Fallen waving the crossplay flag? Yes, indeed! But there’s a little asterisk next to that yes. The cross-platform party between PC and consoles is in full swing, meaning if you’re a PC player, you can easily team up with your buddies on PS5 or Xbox for some co-op action or a little PVP face-off. However, the console camaraderie has its boundaries; PS5 and Xbox players can’t hop into the same game together.

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Considering how you can invite your friends over, the process is pretty straightforward. You have to send an invitation, and voila, your friend steps into your world, ready to face whatever horrors lie ahead alongside you. It’s all about making the deadly encounters in Lords of the Fallen a shared thrill.

But before you start drafting a long list of buddies to join the fray, remember that Lords of the Fallen plays it cozy – you can only have a single cooperative teammate at a time. However, unlike some other games where your co-op buddy is shown the exit post a boss fight, Lords of the Fallen lets you keep the company for as long as you wish. No interruptions, just continuous gameplay to conquer the evil forces together. It’s a nice little deviation from the genre norm, letting you enjoy the brutal world with a friend by your side, one terrifying challenge at a time.

So, while it might have a few limitations, the Lords of the Fallen crossplay support does open up a world where PC and console gamers can come together, share a few laughs, and slay some nightmarish creatures. And honestly, a little shared triumph goes a long way in a game where death lurks around every corner.