How to Find Withers in Baldur’s Gate 3 (BG3)

Withers' undying patience and invincibility make him a companion who'll stand by you when the going gets tough.

By GamesRecon

Withers in Baldur’s Gate 3 is an undead-looking character, wielding a massive staff on his back. Not only does he have a scary aura, but he also possesses some incredibly useful powers. Imagine being able to revive your fallen teammates or even tweak their skills and classes – sounds like someone you’d want on your side, that’s what BG3 Withers is capable of doing. If you’ve missed out on bumping into Withers during your travels or are just curious about finding him, you’re in the right place. This guide will spill the beans on where to find Withers and why he’s a must-meet character in BG3.

Where to Find Withers in Baldur’s Gate 3

Baldur’s Gate 3 Withers Location in Dank Crypt

You can find Withers in the ruins to the north of the place you start on the shore following the accident, this location is known as the Dank Crypt. As soon as you find yourself on that picturesque beach in Act 1, it’s time to set your sights northward. Head straight to those haunting temple ruins just a stone’s throw north of the Overgrown Ruins. A quick heads-up: You might bump into some not-so-friendly bandits. You can choose to play the hero and take them on, sneak by them, or if you’re feeling diplomatic, have a chat and convince them to skedaddle.

After dealing (or not dealing) with those enemies, pop into the Refectory. But stay alert, a few more foes are lurking there. Once you’ve made it through, head north into that eerily dark area. There’s a door on your right, but it’s locked tighter than a dragon’s treasure hoard. No worries; continue ahead and look out for a way to sneakily take down the enemies.

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Refectory BG3 Area

Behind a towering statue, you’ll spot something unusual about a skull. Click on it and this is a perception check that reveals a secret way to unlock that door you need to enter. Now, tread lightly and use the shadows to your advantage as you take on more opponents – it’s worth the effort because you’re inching closer to the Dank Crypt.

Big statue in hall of Dank Crypt

The real adventure begins here; look for a passage on the left, leading you to a big hall with a majestic statue and stairways. Feeling a tad overwhelmed? Stick to the left stairs. On your journey, you’ll come across a sneaky button on the wall. Here’s where things get interesting, pushing it will not only reveal a hidden room but also awaken some rather cranky undead skeletons. Yes, they’re a bit tougher than those bandits – so prepare your strong weapons.

Baldur's Gate 3 Richly Adorned Sarcophagus Interaction

Once you’ve proven your valor against those skeletons, a Richly Adorned Sarcophagus will catch your eye. Beside it is a chest just begging you to be opened and inside is the precious Amulet of Lost Voices (Rare).

Unlocking Withers in BG3

You’ve made it this far, and now you’re just a few steps away from unlocking the Withers, it’s going to be a meeting worth all that hard work. Now that you’ve reached the Richly Adorned Sarcophagus, give it a little tap or, you know, interact with it in-game. Watch as the magic unfolds and Withers makes an appearance.

Withers appeared from the sarcophagus in BG3

Withers is quite the talker, he’ll toss you a profound question about the worth of a mortal’s life. Deep, right? No pressure, but your answer will get a reaction out of him. Pro tip: If you’re tempted to go on the offense and attack, think twice. Withers is quite invincible, so attacking him won’t do much except earn you a mention in your next future chat. It’s like poking a bear that doesn’t poke back.

Regardless of your interaction, Withers won’t hold any grudges. Instead, he’ll casually head to your camp, waiting for another interaction. Once you two reunite at camp, not only will he remind you of your previous meeting (told you he remembers everything!), but he’ll also offer his services. If you need your teammate to be revived, He’s your guy for that. Thinking of redefining yourself (or respecting, in gamer terms)? Baldur’s Gate 3 Withers can do it, for a shiny gold coin, of course.