GTA Online Gun Van: Locations, Weapons, and More

Here's everything you need to know about the GTA Online's heavy armor van.

By GamesRecon

If you’re looking for some firepower in GTA Online, you might want to look at the Gun Van, a new feature that’s added in the Los Santos Drug Wars DLC. The Gun Van is a mobile armory that sells some of the best weapons in the game, including the new Battle Rifle, the Tactical SMG, and the Railgun. But where can you find the Gun Van, and what else does it offer? Here’s everything you need to know.

What is the Gun Van?

The Gun Van in GTA Online is a black van that spawns randomly in different locations around Los Santos every day. It’s not marked on the map, so you’ll have to keep an eye out for it or use GTA+ to get notified when it’s nearby. The Gun Van is operated by a friendly NPC who will open the doors for you when you approach the back of the van. You can talk to him to browse the Gun Van’s inventory, which is divided into three categories: Weapons, Throwables, and Body Armor.

What Weapons Can You Buy from the Gun Van?

The Gun Van sells some of the most powerful and exclusive weapons in GTA Online, some of which are not available at Ammu-Nation. The current stock includes:

  • Battle Rifle: A new weapon that was added in the Chop Shop update, the Battle Rifle is a semi-automatic rifle that deals high damage and has a large magazine capacity. It’s based on the real-life FN FAL and Heckler & Koch G3 rifles and costs $497,500.
  • Tactical SMG: Another new weapon from the Chop Shop update, the Tactical SMG is a compact submachine gun that has a high fire rate and accuracy. It’s based on the real-life MP5K and costs $350,000.
  • Railgun: A futuristic weapon that fires a powerful projectile that can penetrate multiple targets and vehicles. It’s based on the real-life electromagnetic railgun and costs $1,000,000.
  • Widowmaker: A laser minigun that shoots rapid bursts of energy. It’s based on the real-life XM556 Microgun and costs $499,000.
  • Up-n-Atomizer: A handheld ray gun that can blast enemies and vehicles away with a shockwave. It’s based on a real-life directed-energy weapon and costs $399,000.
  • Unholy Hellbringer: A laser light machine gun that has unlimited ammo and no reload time. It’s based on the real-life M249 SAW and costs $449,000.
  • Nightstick: A melee weapon that can knock out enemies with a single hit. It’s based on the real-life police baton and costs $10,000.
  • Combat Shotgun: A pump-action shotgun that has a high damage and range. It’s based on the real-life Remington 870, and costs $15,000.
  • Stun Gun: A non-lethal weapon that can incapacitate enemies with an electric shock. It’s based on the real-life Taser and costs $100.

You can also buy many throwables and body armor from the Gun Van, such as grenades, proximity mines, tear gas, and super heavy armor.

Where is the Gun Van Today?

The Gun Van spawns in a different location every day, so you’ll have to search for it or use GTA+ to get notified. As of Dec 22, 2023, you can spot this heavy armor van around the Oriental Theater in Vinewood.

The Gun Van will stay in the same spot until the next day when it will move to a new location. Some of the possible locations include:

  • Hookies, North Chumash
  • Land Act Reservoir (north end), Tataviam Mountains
  • Thomson Scrapyard
  • Hearty Taco, Mirror Park
  • Port of Los Santos, Terminal Docks in the southwest corner
  • Behind Vinewood Sign
  • No Marks Cleaners, Paleto Bay

If you’re unable to access Ammu-Nation or the Agency Armory, the Gun Van is an excellent alternative for acquiring top-tier weaponry in GTA Online. The Gun Van is also a fun and practical addition that changes things up and makes the game more exciting.