GTA 6 Fans Fear the Worst for Beloved Characters Death

Who will make it out alive in GTA VI?

By GamesRecon

The Grand Theft Auto community once again is up with speculations, but this time, there seems to be a little dread involved. With GTA VI tentatively set for late 2025, fans have been debating the futures of their favorite characters. Are we going to say goodbye to one of our favorites?

Though it feels like the game is still a lifetime away, speculations are flying thick and fast. One of the hottest topics is whether the two main characters, Lucia and Jason, will make it through the storyline unscathed. What has everyone talking about, though, is the possibility of a beloved character from previous installments meeting a grim fate.

All of us who have been playing the game since GTA IV will recall the gruesome death of Johnny Klebitz, an ex-GTA IV protagonist and GTA IV character in The Lost And The Damned DLC. His abrupt death by the hand of Trevor was not just surprising but an audacious statement on the unpredictability of the world in the game.

This is all a joke btw, don’t take this seriously
byu/Reprise7690 inGTA6

This scene resulted in whirlwinds for the idea of definite, famous NPCs meeting their end in GTA VI. A Redditor under the name Reprise7690 caused quite a stir with a post imagining Roman from GTA IV or Lamar and Ron from GTA V being subjected to shocking deaths.

But there’s a truth behind all this kidding, Rockstar Games isn’t scared to make some dramatic moves in the name of storytelling. One comment seems to have stood out in a mix of reactions, however. A fan theorized that Jason is probably going to kill Trevor in his introduction—a wild guess, probably, but anything is possible in Grand Theft Auto. This speculation keeps the community on its feet, casting a shadow of suspense over our anticipation for the game.

Are we going to be amazed by Rockstar once again? Hard to say. But surely, only the upcoming launch of Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 5, and later on PC will answer all these questions. One burning question remains as 2025 looms: Who will live on the streets of GTA 6?