Fortnite Pumpkin Launcher: Where to Find and How to Use this Weapon

It's all treat, no trick!

By GamesRecon

As the haunting winds of October sweep across the Fortnite island, there’s a special treat that’s got everyone from noobs to pros buzzing with excitement. No, it’s not just another skin or emote; it’s the legendary Fortnite Pumpkin Launcher which is a deadly weapon. This isn’t your grandma’s pumpkin pie; this is a Halloween-themed rocket that’s back to add some explosive spookiness to your battles. So, whether you’re a seasoned Fortnite player or just dropping in for some holiday fun, this guide tells you about Pumpkin Launcher location, and how to use and eliminate your opponent with it.

Why You Should Get the Fortnite Pumpkin Launcher

In the massive arsenal of Fortnite, where weapons come and go like the changing tides, the Pumpkin Launcher stands out like a Victory Royale on your screen. Why, you ask? Let’s break it down:

  1. First, this isn’t just any launcher—it’s a Halloween spectacle! Every time you fire it, you’re not just launching a projectile; you’re sending out a screaming pumpkin, blending the thrill of battle with the chills of the season.
  2. The Pumpkin Launcher is your golden ticket to unlocking some of those coveted special rewards in the Fortnitemares event. Want to flex with exclusive items? Better get your hands on this weapon.
  3. Every gamer knows the grind for XP is real. But with the Pumpkin Launcher in your inventory, completing those Fortnitemares quests becomes a tad easier, filling your XP bar faster. And we all know what that means: more Battle Stars for that nice Battle Pass.
  4. Beyond the glitz and the glam, the Pumpkin Launcher is a game-changer on the battlefield. Its unique mechanics can throw off even the most seasoned players, giving you that edge in those intense final circle showdowns.

Where to Find the Pumpkin Launcher in Fortnite

Getting the Fortnite Pumpkin Launcher by eliminating opponent player.

If you’re itching to get your gamer’s hands on the most spooktacular weapon this side of the Fortnite island, you’re in for a treat (no tricks here!). The Pumpkin Launcher, with its scary glow and mischievous grin, isn’t just lying around waiting for anyone. So, where’s the treasure available?

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  • In Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 4, the game developers have blessed us with the return of our beloved Pumpkin Launcher. But it’s playing hard to get.
  • Loot Spots Galore:
    • Floor Loot: Sometimes the best things are right under your nose! Keep those peepers peeled as you roam the island; you might just stumble upon this object.
    • Chests: Regular and Rare Chests are like the candy bowls of Fortnite; you might pull out your wanted weapon from inside any of them.
    • Holo-Chests: These treasures are like the premium loot piñatas. Give them a whack, and who knows? A Pumpkin Launcher might just pop out.
    • Flying Drones: Sky’s the limit, literally! Keep an eye on the heavens and shoot down those drones; they might just drop the explosive pumpkin payload you’re after.

Remember Fortnite legends, the Pumpkin Launcher, with its epic rarity, doesn’t have a fixed spawn point. It’s like the wild card of the game weapons. Sometimes, the game’s RNG (Random Number Generator) algorithms are in your favor, and other times, well, you’ll just have to keep hunting.

Pro Tip: Given its valuable status, the special firearm isn’t as elusive as some might think. So, drop into locations brimming with chests and floor loot. The more you search, the higher your chances of striking gold… or, in this case, orange.

How to Use the Pumpkin Launcher to Eliminate an Opponent in Fortnite

Eliminate an opponent with Pumpkin Launcher in Fortnite.

So you’ve obtained the legendary Pumpkin Launcher, and you’re set to rain down some Halloween havoc on your foes. But this isn’t your run-of-the-mill gun, it has its own quirks and necessities such as special ammo to use this weapon.

For the OGs out there, the Pumpkin Launcher is an unvaulted gem. If you’ve had the pleasure of wielding it in yesteryears, it’s like riding a bike – with explosive pumpkins, of course. At its core, the Pumpkin Launcher is akin to your normal Rocket Launcher. But instead of those typical rockets, you’re firing off screaming pumpkins that go BOOM at the opponents. These pumpkins aren’t plucked from a patch; they’re rockets in disguise. So, stock up on rocket ammo to keep the Halloween horror going.

Tactics & Tips:

  • The Pumpkin Launcher is your go-to for tearing down enemy forts and structures. See a towering build? Send a pumpkin its way and watch the destruction show.
  • The eerie wail of the flying pumpkin is enough to send shivers down any player’s spine. Use it to catch foes off-guard, especially those snugly tucked behind cover.
  • Remember, not all Pumpkin Launchers are created equal. An Epic purple launcher packs a heftier punch than its blue Rare counterpart. Choose your shots wisely as per the situation demands.
  • When going for the kill, aim to hit your opponent directly for maximum damage. But if they’re nimble, aim at their feet or nearby structures. The splash damage will ensure they get a taste of your Halloween spirit.
  • While it’s tempting to go full-on berserker mode, remember: the Pumpkin Launcher has a splash damage radius. Keep a safe distance to avoid any self-inflicted spookiness.

There you have it, with the Fortnite Pumpkin Launcher in hand and these tips in mind, you’re all set to carve out a path of destruction across the battleground.