Square Enix Has Dropped Final Fantasy 7 Details, Screenshots, and Trailer in Big Update

Epic reveal.

By GamesRecon

Square Enix has just offered a massive update that’s got everyone buzzing with excitement. We’re talking a wealth of details, eye-popping screenshots, stunning artwork, and an electrifying trailer of Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth that showcases everything from Cait Sith in action to the mysterious allure of Nibelheim and Junon.

If you thought the last big reveal back in November was impressive, hold onto your Chocobos because this latest post from Square Enix takes it up a notch. We’ve got the inside scoop on new characters like Cait Sith and Yuffie, a fresh look at Elena, and a rundown on all the different editions of the game you can preorder. And let me tell you, there’s a lot to unpack here. So, let’s explore what Square Enix has in store for us with Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth.

Battle Enhancements and New Characters

With Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth, Square Enix isn’t just bringing back the nostalgia; they’re infusing the game with some fresh, exciting elements, especially when it comes to our new party members, Cait Sith and Yuffie.

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Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth Cait Sith and Yuffie
Image: Square Enix

First up, Yuffie – our beloved, spirited ninja from Wutai. She’s all about speed and hitting hard. Imagine Yuffie darting across the battlefield with her massive throwing star, her Active Time Battle meter charging up at lightning speed. She’s not just fast; she’s like a whirlwind, dealing a lot of damage left and right. And get this – you can enhance her weapon with magic through ninjutsu. With that, you can chain attacks together, and then – her Doppelgänger ability kicks in, and she’s attacking from two different directions simultaneously. It’s like a magic trick but with swords and lots of damage.

Another one is Cait Sith, remember that quirky little cat riding a giant moogle from the original game? Well, he’s back and more dynamic than ever. Cait Sith is all about agility, zipping around the battlefield, or he can call on his moogle for some heavier, hard-hitting strikes. And the cool part is that as he fights, his Moogle Meter fills up. When it’s full, she can buff up his allies, giving your team the extra edge in battle.

But Cait Sith isn’t only about brawn; he’s got a bit of a gambler’s spirit, staying true to his luck-based roots from the original Final Fantasy 7. His abilities can randomly buff your team or dish out damage to enemies. And you’ve got to see his Let’s Ride ability – Cait Sith and his moogle team up for some very powerful tandem attacks. Yuffie and Cait Sith also have their special Synergy Ability, Moogle Pinwheel, to their advantage. Square Enix is being cagey regarding the specifics, but they’ve hinted that it entails the two of them teaming in tandem to use a secret ninja ability in their attacks. It seems cool and intriguing, doesn’t it?

So, there you have it – new faces bringing new dynamics to the battlefield. It’s kinda of like meeting old friends who suddenly have a bunch of cool new tricks up their sleeves. I can’t wait to see how these changes play out in the game and how they add to the overall strategy and enjoyment of combat in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth.

Revamped Characters and New Locations

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth Elena
Image: Square Enix

Remember Elena from the original Final Fantasy 7? Well, if you were bummed about her missing out previously, here’s some good news: she’s making her entrance in Rebirth while her bringing her A-game with skills in hand-to-hand combat and firearms, living up to the Turks’ reputation. But her storyline ties into the whole multiverse shenanigans of the Remake Trilogy. Elena and Rude are now on a mission to chase those mysterious black-robed figures.

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth Captain Titov
Image: Square Enix

And there’s a new character in town too – Captain Titov. This guy’s a big deal because he’s at the helm of a major change from the original game. Instead of the cargo ship that ferried Cloud and mates in the original, Rebirth introduces a cruise ship, the Shinra-8. Captain Titov is the man in charge, known for his dedication and a knack for hosting some pretty epic shipboard parties. He’s got a reputation for being both professional and a blast at the same time – quite the combination.

FF7 Rebirth Shinra Parade in Junon
Image: Square Enix

Speaking of new places, let’s take a virtual tour. The trailer and screenshots have given us glimpses of the Shinra parade in Junon – a scene I’m personally stoked to see in the new game. And then there’s the Gold Saucer, which is always a blast. But what’s really exciting is the addition of entirely new locations, like the Shinra-8 cruise ship itself. It’s not just a mode of transport; it’s a new world to explore, complete with its events like the Queen’s Blood tournament. Imagine cruising between continents in style, soaking in the festivities. That’s something I can’t wait to see in-game.

Gameplay and Storyline Expansion

FINAL FANTASY VII REBIRTH Gameplay and Storyline Expansion
Image: Square Enix

Rebirth picks up where the last game left off, but it’s not just a simple continuation. We’re following Cloud and his crew as they step out of Midgar and into the vast world of Final Fantasy 7. This means new locations like Kalm, the Mythril Mine, and the sun-soaked Costa del Sol, alongside some new locations.

But that’s not all, Square Enix has also introduced new characters, which means new stories, new interactions, and new perspectives. It’s like adding new layers to a story we thought we knew, giving it more depth and color. I can’t wait to see how these new characters shake up the dynamics of our beloved crew. One of the cool features in this upcoming title is fast travel as traversing a world as vast as Final Fantasy 7’s can be daunting. But with a slick fast travel system which we have already seen in some games, we can zip across the world, cutting down on travel time and getting straight to the action or the next key plot point.

And for those of us wondering about the grand scheme of things, here’s something to chew on: Rebirth is the second part of the Remake Trilogy. The third game is already in development, though Square Enix is keeping the details under wraps for now.