Escape from Tarkov Ground Zero Map Walkthrough

Here's everything you need to know about the new Ground Zero map in EFT.

By GamesRecon

In the latest patch 0.14 of Escape from Tarkov, the developers introduced a new map called Ground Zero, which is the starting location for all players after a wipe. This map is designed to help new players get familiar with the game mechanics, quests, and extractions. In this article, we will guide you through the Ground Zero map, its features, quests, and exits or extracts.

Escape from Tarkov Ground Zero Map Introduction

Ground Zero is an interesting new map addition in EFT. It’s basically where all the drama started because it’s where TerraGroup, the not-so-nice corporation causing all the trouble, had its headquarters. It’s a big urban playground with lots of buildings, streets, some underground passages, and open spaces. You’ve got 50 minutes of duration for it, and it’s set up for like 10 to 12 PMCs and Scavs.

Moreover, only PMCs under level 20 can jump into this map, but if you’re a Scav, any level works. There are some awesome stationary weapons scattered around, like automatic grenade launchers and heavy machine guns, which anyone can use. But the map is dotted with minefields and claymores, and if you stray too far off the edges, border snipers are waiting to take you out instantly. And there’s a special way to get out of the map, a PMC and a Scav have to team up and extract together.

Escape from Tarkov Ground Zero Quests

Escape from Tarkov Burning Rubber Quest

When you start playing the new patch 0.14 in the game, you’re gonna find some cool new quests from the traders, all about the Ground Zero map. They’re great for getting the hang of the game. Let me break them down for you:

  1. Skier’s “Burning Rubber” Quest: Skier gives you 5000 rubles and your job is to use this paid vehicle extraction point at the Police Cordon. It’s a Black SUV vehicle that helps you exit the map, but it costs money. The amount will be based on your Scav karma. And be very careful – there are enemies and explosives around the area.
  2. Therapist’s “First in Line” Quest: The therapist wants you to be a bit of a medic. Find the Emercom Station in the Unity Credit Bank building’s basement and obtain any 3 medical items you find. You can pick these up either from the station available on the spot.
  3. Prapor’s “Shooting Cans” Quest: Prapor is all about action, he wants you to take down any 5 targets on Ground Zero – they can be PMCs or Scavs, doesn’t matter. Use whatever weapons you’ve got, or find new ones there. And you can even use those badass stationary weapons for an extra bang. Your other task is to find the AGS Launcher and the Utyos Machine Gun.
  4. Mechanic’s “Saving the Mole” Quest: You need to find a missing scientist and get the Science Office key from its dead body to obtain the hard drive. The scientist is holed up in the TerraGroup science office and the location for the drive is in room no 4. Once you get in, look for the hard drive on the desk having a computer.

Each quest is a unique way to explore Ground Zero and get a feel for the game.

Escape from Tarkov Ground Zero Extractions

Escape from Tarkov Ground Zero Extractions Map
Photo by Escape from Tarkov Wiki

To escape from the map, you need to use one of the available extractions. Some are always there for you, others are a one-time deal, and a few have these quirky requirements. Below are the Ground Zero map exits/extraction points:

  1. Nakatani Basement Stairs: This one’s a no-brainer as always accessible to use, and open to everyone. Just head to the Nakatani building, it’s the big, tall one, and find your way down the stairs in the basement to the exit door.
  2. Police Cordon V-Ex: This extraction’s always around, but you only get one shot per game. It’s a PMCs-only kind of deal, you’ll find it at the map’s edge, watch out for border snipers. It’s a vehicle that’ll zip you out of there, but it’s not a free ride – you gotta pay, and how much depends on your Scav karma but the usual cost is 5000 Roubles for a player.
  3. Emercom Checkpoint: Again, always available and for everyone. It’s on the other side of the map, by the Emercom building. Just stroll through the checkpoint to the exit gate and you will exit safely.
  4. Mira Ave: This one’s always there but needs a bit of effort. It’s for PMCs only and is near Mira Avenue, where all the shops and cafes are. You need to shoot a green flare into the sky but make sure it goes high enough, or no extraction for you. You can find flares around or by the Scav body near the yellow bus at this extraction point.
  5. Scav Checkpoint (Co-op): This one’s interesting because it requires teamwork – a PMC and a Scav need to team up to get out. It’s near the Scav checkpoint, a spot with lots of Scavs around. Get there with your new buddy, PMC or Scav, and wait it out until the timer runs down.