Call of Dragons New Player Guide | Gaming Tips and Using Bots

Conquer your game with these strategies and tips.

By GamesRecon

Call of Dragons is attracting more players today. This is the latest game released by Farlight Games. This is the same company that brought Rise of Kingdoms to fame. So gamers are confident that Call of Dragons will be as good and as exciting as the other games from them. If you are new to this game, it is important to learn everything to know plus tips on how to use Bot of Dragons to improve your overall gameplay.

Call of Dragons Gameplay

This game is a mix of using real-time strategy and tactics in building a city. Players enjoy a highly detailed fantasy world they can explore and conquer. The game’s main story starts with three warriors fighting to be on top. Once the battle comes to an end, they will team up to battle a common enemy.

They all fight against a huge dragon that threatens the world. This dragon is so powerful that it has an army of monsters. You must know how to use the right gaming strategies and tactics to defeat the enemies.

Tips to Improve Call of Dragons Game Experience

As a Call of Dragons newbie, you must know some tips and tricks to improve your overall gaming experience. It’s a game of strategy which means how you play the game in general plays a very important role.

  • Learn to Adjust the Game Settings. The device you use for the games is a huge factor. Regardless of what type of gaming device you use, you can adjust the graphics settings as well as the FPS. Change the graphics quality from low to Very High. Do the same with the Frame Rate, Sound, etc. This can help improve load times. It will also make your game more responsive.
  • Changing Factions. You can always change factions when you’re not happy with what you initially choose. But that doesn’t mean that you should. Changing factions is allowed when your city is at level 8. But you should be aware that changing factions comes with a cost – 10,000 gems. You also have to make sure that you have no troops trained and your legions should be inside the city. Once all these requirements are met, you pick another faction.
  • Play Using Multiple Characters. If you do not want to use 10,000 gems to pay for changing factions, you can always use multiple characters instead. This will allow you to try other factions. Start a new character on the same device and switch between them. Remember though that you can only have one character for each server.

Using Call of Dragons Bot

There are several reasons why you should start using the Call of Dragons bot. With a bot subscription, you can receive different features – hunt darklings, queue troops, upgrade buildings, gather, auto use of elixir, etc. This allows you to save time and money as you quickly progress with the game. You will also receive direct developer support to answer your queries and help you with game bot issues.