3 New Exciting Game Releases for 2023: How to Prepare for Each Launch

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There are some amazing games on the slate for 2023. Remakes, sequels, and some top original titles are all on the books, keeping dedicated gamers on tenterhooks. Here is a guide to the top three games to look out for in 2023, this decade’s best year for gaming.

Final Fantasy XVI

Final Fantasy XVI

The king of RPGs is back with its latest installment, the sixteenth in the series. The early 8 and 16-bit days set the foundations for this monster, which swash-buckled its way into the mainstream on its legendary seventh outing. This PS5 and PC exclusive will help drive players to both platforms and leave their Xbox controllers behind.

Get your gaming chair ready, and prepare to lose hours and hours of your life to this game. Details are still a little thin on the ground, but as always you will be able to craft the characters just the way you like them. Draw up a shortlist of names now so you can jump in without delay on release day. This fantasy name generator should make short work of choosing your team’s titles, and get you into the game straight away.



Microsoft is bringing out the big guns to compete with Sony’s Final Fantasy exclusive. This sci-fi epic brings a whole new universe to players for them to explore at their own pace and create their own stories. Do not worry this game will not disappoint you, unlike the ambitious No Man’s Sky that left many fans unimpressed and, frankly, bored. The game is published by the Microsoft-acquired Bethesda Studios, which has a long history of impressive and engaging RPGs.

The game gives players the chance to control a member of the Constellation, who has been tasked with exploring the universe in the wake of an interplanetary war that wreaked havoc across their own galaxy. This game aims to take the RPG stylings of Bethesda’s Elder Scrolls series into space, and if it manages to achieve just a tenth of that lofty goal, it will be a classic worthy of multiple sequels.

Resident Evil 4: Remake

Resident Evil 4: Remake

When in doubt, remake. The world of pop culture has been saturated with reboots and remakes across films and television, and video games are not being left out of the trend. The good news is, these updates are being made to stone-cold classics, and this Resident Evil 4 remake looks set to raise the bar on what can be achieved. The original is a firm fan favorite, and one of the best in the series. Capcom is not going to let itself tarnish one of its most precious and profitable properties.

Coming to all platforms, this game is going to unite all console and PC players in a state of fear from March onwards. The remake reimagines the original storyline, as the main character Leon explores a Spanish village looking for the President’s daughter only to find a murderous cult and traces of the Umbrella Corporation. The best preparation for this amazing title is to get a cushion to hide behind.

This year is going to be a great one for gaming across all genres. Start getting prepped now. You are going to have so many top titles to choose from it is worth getting a shortlist together now, and a budget.

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