Beware, Killing the Oathbreaker Knight in Baldur’s Gate 3 Could Ruin Your Game

A cautionary tale from the depths of Baldur’s Gate.

By GamesRecon

While journeying through the challenging world of Baldur’s Gate 3, here’s a critical tip that could save your game from turning into a frustrating slog: do not kill the Oathbreaker Knight. Seriously, just don’t.

In BG3, the Paladin class comes with a bit of a different edge. There’s also a subclass in the game called Oathbreaker, which you can’t choose right in character creation. First, you will have to take an Oath and then break it to pursue this dark path; there are no shortcuts.

If you stray from the righteous path and violate the tenets of your Paladin’s Oath, you’ll lose many of your divine powers. At that point, the Oathbreaker Knight sprung upon your camp and figure offers you the chance to either redeem yourself and restore your Oath or fully embrace the shadows and become an Oathbreaker Paladin.

byu/Creative_Newspaper17 inBG3

However, a cautionary tale from the Baldur’s Gate 3 community underscores the importance of your decisions. A user on Reddit relayed their hard-learned lesson: if you kill the Oathbreaker Knight, he won’t come back—and remember, he’s already undead. This isn’t your typical video game “respawn and retry” scenario.

What’s the big deal? Well, if the Oathbreaker Knight bites the dust permanently, any Paladin who has broken their Oath loses the chance to choose their path again. You’ll be stuck with the Oath Broken condition, sans essential Paladin abilities like spellcasting and Smite. That’s a huge handicap for anyone trying to navigate the perils of Baldur’s Gate.

To add insult to injury, don’t expect any fabulous treasures from this fatal mistake. The Oathbreaker Knight drops only a Greatsword +1, an Elixir of Heroism, and three Javelins, along with Plate Armor you can claim after a long rest. None of these items are particularly valuable or rare, hardly a fair trade for crippling your character.

Worse yet, even Withers, the guy who could help you respec your character, throws his hands up for Oath Broken Paladins. He won’t touch your character with a ten-foot pole, leaving you to muddle through with an underpowered build.

So, take it from the wise and weary: there’s absolutely no benefit to offing the Oathbreaker Knight. Keep him alive, and keep your options open. Your Paladin—and your gaming experience—will thank you for it.