Assassin’s Creed Mirage Judge and Executioner Walkthrough

You need to find Muhammad Ibn Tahir to complete this Judge and Executioner walkthrough.

By GamesRecon

Assassin’s Creed Mirage Judge and Executioner is a cool piece of Al Bahamut Investigation Walkthrough. Ready to chase down Muhammad in AC Mirage? We’ve got you covered. By the end of this, you’ll not only know how to find Muhammad but also how to sweet-talk a judge with some bribes (in the game, of course!).

AC Mirage Judge and Executioner Walkthrough

In Qabiha’s office, you’ve checked that off your to-do list, it’s time to chase our last breadcrumb: Muhammad Ibn Tahir. Kick things off by heading over to the Investigation tab. Now, just look for the Mazalim Court lead – it should be right there, waiting for your eagle-eyed gaze. Once you’ve tracked that, a quest marker will pop up on the Round City’s northeast edge. So, lace up your in-game boots and make your way over.

Visiting the Mazalim Court

Once you roll up to the Mazalim Court, aim for the southeast corner. There’s this oh-so-inviting entrance on the ground floor. But the outer walls of the court are a bit, let’s say, “members only”. Yes, off-limits! But don’t sweat it, the lower floors are totally chill and open for visitors like you.

Assassin's Creed Mirage Inside Mazalim Court

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Now, here’s where your inner eagle comes into play. Fire up that Eagle Vision of yours as it’s time to locate the judge. He’s there out in an office, it’s the one right opposite the entrance to the court’s main plaza. Kinda feels like the game’s playing “hot and cold” with us, doesn’t it? Once you spot the office, move over there and have a chat with Mr. Judge. Just a little spoiler: he’s going to play hard to get. But who doesn’t love a good in-game challenge?

Bribing the Judge

Bribing the Judge with Scholar Favour Token

This guy isn’t just gonna spill the beans for a smile. Nope, he’s got his eyes on the prize, and that prize is… well, bribes. So, you think, “No biggie, I’ve got a Scholar Favour Token!” Hand it over, and… plot twist. The judge acts like you just tried to tip him with pocket lint. Yes, he wants more.

Judge giving info about Muhammad

But, being the resourceful player you are, you pull out a second Scholar Favour Token. With the second token in his hand, he will become nice and friendly with you. He spills some piping hot tea: Muhammad Ibn Tahir has a sneaky spy who passes him info daily at noon. Time to wrap up the chat and prep for some top-notch espionage. But remember, always keep one eye on your in-game inventory – you never know who else might want a piece of that bribe pie.

Observing the Spy

Exit the judge’s room and you’ll find the bench there. It’s hinted on your map for convenience, so no guessing games here. Now, unless you’ve got impeccable timing and it’s already noon, you have to play the waiting game. When you’re on that bench, just hold TRIANGLE or Y, and time flies with that. Keep those peepers peeled for our mysterious message carrier. He’ll strut his stuff right in front of you, with a handy marker hovering over his head.

Observing the Spy with Eye Vision - AC Mirage

Stay cool, calm, and collected as jumping up too soon and getting spotted is a rookie move at the moment. Instead, play it cool and shadow him, using the pillars and the environment to your advantage. It’s time to use the stealth element of Assassin’s Creed Mirage and you’ve got the lead.

As you head out of the building, swing a right and sneak into those nearby flowers; you’re blending in with the tulips for a second. Keep an eye on spy ahead. When Mr. Spy walks under that huge archway, shimmy up the building on the right. Because why walk when you can rooftop-hop?

Basim is on the rooftops chasing the spy down

Now, it’s time for some city sightseeing – Assassin’s style. Tag along as he strolls through the city sneaks down those sneaky companions, and finally, to the Shurta. Keep in mind, stay high in the sky (means rooftops) as much as you can. Only hit the ground unless it’s required to prevent yourself from spotting. If Basim gets caught or loses track of the spy, you will be hitting the rewind button to the beginning. Stick to the rooftops – by keeping it cool and sneaky up high, you’ll soon see him meet up with his boss-man. Once you roll up to the Shurta, that task gonna wrap up.

The Shurta Compound

Inside the Shurta Headquarters

After your masterclass in tailing, you’ll find yourself standing outside the doors of the Shurta compound. This joint’s tighter than a drum; guards everywhere, and eyes sharp as eagles. Instead of getting straight into the lion’s den through the front – which can be your one-way ticket to ‘game over’ land – let’s get a bit crafty. Sneak around the back, and you’ll spot this cool balcony smack dab in the middle of the building’s rear.

Climb up, tiptoe inside, and you’re in the heart of the compound, perched high above the action. Our main mission is to locate Muhammad’s office without ringing any alarm bells. And, a little birdie (or, you know, the game) might tell you there’s a locked door leading right to it. But where’s the key?

From here, you’ve got options – go full ninja mode with some smoke bombs, or maybe cause a ruckus with a Berserker Blow Dart. Whatever you choose, make it snappy, grab that key, and sneak into the office for some clue-hunting.

Inside Muhammad’s Office

Clues in Muhammad's Office

After all those secretive shenanigans, you’re finally standing in Muhammad’s office. Dimly lit, slightly ominous, and filling with mystery – it’s got all the vibes of a room hiding secrets. There are four secret clues scattered around:

  1. A map is available in the back-right corner.
  2. A book on the central desk.
  3. Another book is chilling in the back-left edge.
  4. Lastly, a page that’s on the right side as you enter.

Muhammad Ibn Tahir's Conversation with Basim

Now, if you thought things were too quiet, you’re in for a treat. A dramatic cutscene rolls, and – Muhammad Ibn Tahir appears for a little face-off with Basim. But, plot twists keep us on our toes. When Muhammad plays his “I’m calling the guards” card, it’s your cue to bolt! Unbar that door, leap onto the balcony and make a superhero-worthy dive into the below haybale.

Escaping the Shurta

After all the detective work and dramatic encounters, you’ve found yourself in the heart of the danger with alarms blaring and guards on high alert. As soon as you land in that haybale, take a moment to appreciate the sheer adrenaline. You’re basically the star of an action movie now, and the escape scene is about to kick off.

Running to leave the Shurta

So, you’re in hiding, it’s good but there is no time to get cozy. Lift your head up and assess the scene, stealth is the name of the game, but a sprinkle of speed won’t hurt either. Dart from cover to cover, blending in when you can, and using every trick up your assassin sleeve. And if things get too spicy? Well, there’s no shame in a smoke bomb exit.

Aim to go far away from the Shurta, ducking into alleyways and running through bazaars. The further you are, the safer you’ll be, and remember, laying low might just be the best choice here. Sometimes, it’s not about how fast you run, but how well you hide. Once the coast is finally clear, take a moment to get yourself on the back.

You’ve escaped the Shurta, you’re one step closer to completing Basim’s mission, and you’ve got one heck of a story. We’ve done our detective work on those three sneaky Order members. Ready for the grand showdown? Now it’s time to go through the Al Bahamut Assassination walkthrough to take down our biggest foe.