Spider-Man 2 EMF Experiment 9: Emily-May Foundation Guide

Here's how to complete the final EMP experiment in Spider-Man 2.

By GamesRecon

You might be wondering how to unlock and complete the final EMF Experiment ‘Emily-May Foundation‘ in Spider-Man 2, which is a hidden side activity that rewards you with Peter’s Life Story suit. In this guide, we’ll show you how to access Spider-Man 2 EMF Experiment 9 and solve the tricky science puzzle that awaits you.

How to Unlock EMF Experiment 9 in Spider-Man 2

In Marvel Spider-Man 2, EMF Experiments are a series of missions that Peter can do to help the Emily-May Foundation, a non-profit organization that works on environmental and social issues. There are nine missions in total, but the final mission is like a bonus level you can’t unlock until you’ve wrapped up the main story and the other eight missions.

These eight missions are split into three categories: Energy, Plant Science, and Bee Drones. You’ll find them spread out across the city, just look for the green icons on your map. Each experiment involves finding a kiosk, listening to a pre-recorded message, and completing a task or a puzzle. And once you’ve completed the first eight tasks, you’ll get a heads-up that the ninth mission is ready to roll at Peter’s garage in Astoria. Just head over there, find the box on the workbench, and you’re all set to kick off EMF Experiment 9.

How to Complete Spider-Man 2 EMF Experiment 9: Emily-May Foundation

EMF Experiment 9 is a special case for many reasons. First, it reveals the true identity and motive of the person behind the experiments, which we won’t spoil here. Then, it throws you into an interesting science challenge where you get to play around with plant DNA. It’s a bit like those Plant Science puzzles you’ve done before but cranked up a notch. You’ve got more factors to juggle this time—consider the color, shape, and size of the pieces, as well as the number of connections they have as given in the below image.

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Spider-Man 2 Final EMF Experiment Puzzle

Solving this puzzle is no small feat, but once you do, you get some pretty good rewards. You unlock the Life Story suit for Peter, which is a nod to his journey as Spider-Man. Furthermore, you rack up some experience points (XP), Tech Parts, and complete the “Foundational” trophy.