Sherlock Holmes: Chapter One Review

Sherlock Holmes: Chapter One Review

It's not perfect, but definitely worth a look for fans of the genre.

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This detailed Sherlock Holmes: Chapter One review provides some insight into the first installment’s story. The game includes several puzzles and a quest to discover the past of Holmes’ mother. The puzzles are interesting and the game is quite long. The gameplay is also enjoyable. There are some nice twists to the story, and the players will have fun putting together the clues to solve the cases.

The first installment of the Sherlock Holmes series is full of clever, humorous scenes. The characters and the storyline are often quite humorous, and the player will find themselves rooting for the main character. Some of the most effective parts of the story are the sly and playful dialogue that helps to solve the cases. The writing in Sherlock Holmes: Chapter One is quite strong, and the pacing is well-paced.

The voice performances in this game are superb. They give the character a realistic, authentic sound. Jon acts as a sounding board for Sherlock. The player is required to work together with various pieces of evidence and use established methods of concentration and evidence corroboration. A great number of cases have two suspects, and the player has to decide which one to accuse. The game’s narrative is very strong and includes a lot of depth and complexity.

The premise of Sherlock Holmes: Chapter One is a good choice for fans of the classic stories. The main character’s childhood home, Cordona, feels like a sandbox, but with a much larger scope. The game’s world map is rich with period details and has plenty of interactive elements. There are puzzles, collectibles, and occult rituals to solve.

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Unlike the previous installments of the Sherlock Holmes series, this game is a fantastic example of a puzzle game. Despite its many positives, Sherlock Holmes: Chapter One focuses on the younger Holmes. This game begins with the young detective in an entirely different state, and he must solve cases by examining clues to find the murderer.

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The game’s case writing is solid, with many new mechanics that players will find familiar. The game also features a narrator who speaks in the character’s voice. Sherlock Holmes: Chapter One has a strong narrative, but it isn’t as deep as some other games. Its sleuthing is based on solving puzzles and identifying the weak points of enemies.

As far as the gameplay itself goes, the game is a good entry point for newcomers to the Sherlock Holmes franchise. It introduces several new features, including a case book and an interactive menu. The first episode’s gameplay revolves around completing a case. The first two-hour episode is an excellent introduction to the series, and it makes you feel like a true detective.

The story in this installment of the Sherlock Holmes series is quite good. In addition to the main character, players will be able to interact with various characters in the world. This game’s open-world setting is similar to Grand Theft Auto, with its stuttering framerate. It also has a lot of similarities with LA Noire. Its world is divided into rich and poor people, traders, and commoners. The game is also well-rounded, with a multitude of tantalizing conspiracies and crimes.


While Sherlock Holmes: Chapter One does feature combat, it is not all about it. The gameplay focuses on the puzzles and combat. The game isn’t about fighting, but you can throw a snuff at enemies. It also features a lot of physics and a great mystery. Lastly, the game is a definite buy. However, if you want to spend your time on this game, you’ll need to try it before you decide to invest in it.

The open world of the game is the biggest complaint. The open world allows players to explore the city by exploring the different sectors of the city. They can interact with objects, investigate the crime, and find clues to uncover the truth. There are no puzzles or secrets, and the game is not difficult to complete.

Frogwares has self-published Sherlock Holmes Chapter One, the first game in the Sherlock Holmes series. The series has been around for several decades, but this is the first game from them to be developed and published entirely by the developer. Fortunately, Frogwares has put together a Sherlock-centric video game that fans can’t wait to play.

The game’s plot is interesting, with Holmes solving cases while interacting with characters. The detective isn’t as serious as his other adventures, but he does have the skills to solve cases – especially in the case of Frogwares’ Crimes & Punishments, and The Devil’s Daughter. Despite his uncanny revelations and swagger, Chapter One has plenty of humor, and it doesn’t hurt that the dialogue is some of the best writing in the studio.

Another aspect of the game that makes it stand out from its predecessors is the fact that the gameplay is similar to its predecessors. You’ll get the same feeling as in the previous games, with the addition of some new features. While you’ll have more difficulty with Chapter One, the game is still very enjoyable. The main character, Sherlock, is a great detective, and it’s always great to see a good case of murder!

If you’re a fan of the Sherlock Holmes franchise, you’ll love Chapter One. It’s part of the long-running franchise, so it’s only natural that you’d like to see more of the mysterious investigators he meets along the way. As far as gameplay goes, this game has some interesting elements, which you’ll find hard to resist. You’ll need to think a bit to solve the puzzles, and the storyline is intriguing and addictive.

As with many Sherlock Holmes games, Chapter One is a fun, ambitious game to play. You’ll feel like a real sleuth as you unravel the mysteries of the case, solving murders, and solving crimes. The game is also fun to play alone. The free-roaming, character voice performances and beautiful environment make it an excellent choice for a casual gaming experience.


Despite a few interesting moments, Sherlock Holmes Chapter One suffers from several problems. Its single most obvious problem is that the game doesn’t feel connected to the rest of the story. There is no interactivity, and it’s far too disconnected from the rest of the story. It’s full of repetitive wave-based arena brawls, and a few characters with no personality.

Despite the lack of a human companion, Sherlock is still a seasoned detective. As a member of the British intelligence community, he has an in-depth knowledge of the world. His research and investigations have allowed him to discover many secrets and a few secrets of the past. With his skills, he’s able to solve even the toughest cases, and this is a major plus for the game.

A big part of Sherlock Holmes Chapter One’s appeal is its story. It is one of the most entertaining games in the series. The main narrative is massive and offers countless hours of gameplay. There are a few frustrating puzzles and out-of-place elements, but the game is an otherwise great action adventure. The underlying themes and characters will captivate you and keep you hooked throughout the game.

Unlike the previous games, Sherlock Holmes Chapter One isn’t a perfect game. Its frame rate stutters and the NPCs range from good to awful. However, it’s a pretty game overall. The soundtrack is good, but it isn’t the strongest feature of the game. The dialogue is sometimes too choppy, but it’s never distracting.


The riddles in Sherlock Holmes Chapter One are intriguing, but the game’s open-world environment doesn’t offer much to improve its typical detective mechanics, and the fighting is monotonous and repetitious throughout. It can be rewarding to get on a roll with an investigation, but more often than not the case requirements can hinder your research and push you to resort to guesswork, while Jon’s frustratingly worthless advice just makes such occasions sound even more unpleasant.

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Sherlock Holmes: Chapter One Review
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