Genshin Impact Anime Series is on the Way, the First Trailer Showed Anime Characters

By GamesRecon

On Friday, Hoyoverse revealed that they are working with Ufotable, a Japanese animation company responsible for international hits such as Demon Slayer, to launch the Genshin Impact anime series.

On today’s broadcast, the developers stated that Genshin Impact is going to have an anime series and the first anime trailer is also launched showcasing the anime characters. We don’t know what to call the series as of now, but it appears that it is in the initial production phases. The working title is “Long-Term Project Launch: Concept Trailer” for now.

The teaser hints at an expansive, rich environment and afterward cuts to a shot of the two main characters of Genshin Impact, Lumine and Aether, holding hands. Considering that players are rarely shown both siblings simultaneously throughout the game, this is a particularly emotional moment. The game’s premise rests on the player embarking on a quest to find their long-lost sibling.

By the end of this month, Genshin Impact will have been around for two years and have an anniversary. Players embark on an epic quest in this popular game that takes them across multiple places of the globe.

The title is renowned for its breathtaking landscapes, and it appears that the Genshin Impact anime series might also make heavy use of these themes in its aesthetic. On Friday, designers shared further information about what will be included in the Genshin Impact 3.1 update.

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