Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth The Hardest Sell Quest Walkthrough

Kyrie's gone and stirred things up again.

By GamesRecon

In the expansive world of Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth, there’s a side quest you won’t want to miss on your first trek through the Junon Region in Chapter 4. It’s called The Hardest Sell, and let me tell you, it’s an adventure that’s as intriguing as it sounds. This quest isn’t just about battling monsters or fetching items; it’s a delightful detour that offers a deeper dive into the game’s rich narrative and character interactions.

But you can’t stumble upon this quest in FF7 Rebirth from the get-go. There’s a bit of groundwork to be laid first. This quest is tucked away in a gated community, and the gatekeeper to this adventure is none other than another quest named “When Words Won’t Do.” Completing this task not only opens up access to the Crow’s Nest area but also sets the stage for an encounter with a character that’ll send you on this mission.

How to Complete The Hardest Sell in Final Fantasy 7 (FF7) Rebirth

Completing Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth The Hardest Sell side quest involves a sequence of events starting right after you finish the “When Words Won’t Do” side quest in Junon. The mission brings back Kyrie from Midgard, stepping into the role of a troublemaker once more. Here’s a walkthrough to assist your journey through this objective, including some minor spoilers for Chapter 4 of the game.

Starting The Hardest Sell

Beginning of Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth The Hardest Sell Quest

Meet Toby: After completing the above-mentioned side quest, your first task is to speak with Toby in Crow’s Nest who briefs you about a troublesome Merc holed up in an abandoned lighthouse in the Junon Region.

Heading to the Lighthouse: Quickly, you’ll discover it’s Kyrie causing the mischief. The lighthouse is in the south of the Junon Region, a place you might have come across if you’re the type to explore every nook and cranny of an area. It’s easier to get there if you have a Chocobo companion with you.

Dealing with the Trouble

Encounter with Kyrie in the lighthouse.

Encounter with Kyrie: Upon finding Kyrie at the lighthouse, she cheekily involves you in solving her issues, which mainly involve dealing with fiends attracted to her location because of her loud music.

Dealing with the Flans with party.

Fighting the Fiends: The quest challenges you with several rounds of field battles. The groups of monsters you’ll face include multiple Flans, Ignilisks, and the particularly tricky White Mousse pair, which act as a mini-boss fight. The Flans are vulnerable to Firebolt Blade, making them relatively straightforward to deal with. The White Mousse, however, requires a bit more strategy, as they adapt and start absorbing elemental damage after a while.

Battle with White Mousse pair

These creatures are really sensitive to elemental damage at first. But, the twist is, if you keep hitting them with the same attack, they not only start resisting it, but they begin to soak it all up like a sponge. And if you don’t mix things up by switching between different elements and types of damage, they’ll store all that energy and then, hit you with a massive magic attack. So, it’s all about keeping them guessing and changing your strategy to prevent them from delivering something big.

Wrapping Up The Hardest Quest

Final Encounter: After the fiend battles, a brief conversation with Kyrie wraps up the quest. Despite her ongoing antics, including a whimsical desire to keep Red XIII as a pet, you’ll earn your rewards and conclude The Hardest in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth.

Rewards: The quest rewards include Chocobo equipment (Merc Cap, Merc Overalls, Merc Legwraps), a change in Red XIII’s relationship, 10 Party EXP, and 500 EXP.