Escape from Tarkov Woods Map Guide

Getting the hang of Escape From Tarkov, especially as a beginner, might be challenging. Follow this guide, and you should be fine in the Woods Map.

By GamesRecon

Escape from Tarkov Woods map is where you will be directed in the early phase of your game journey. If you enjoy taking down your targets from a distance using a sniper rifle, this map is specially designed for you. There’s a lot of room to shoot around and try out your scopes, as it’s one of the larger game areas. This guide will explain all the exits or extraction points on the Woods map in Tarkov to help you get out of different areas easily. Below, you will learn about the map’s best places to spawn, where to leave, where to find the weapons and loot, and all the Scav locations.

As the name indicates, it’s a massive wooded region packed with mountains and rocky cliffs. In addition, large stretches of open land make it excellent for battles that occur at long distances. It is mainly the best terrain for sniping experts; you will find many throughout this area. There are 6–12 players in every 45–minute Raid on the map, with a significant amount of NPC Scavs all over there. Learning your way around the areas can be challenging because the landscape mostly consists of trees with no clear landmarks.

We have provided several guidelines below to avoid entering a dangerous situation unintentionally. This Woods Tarkov map guide aims to help you find everything you need, including exits/extractions, loot & Scavs locations, and dangerous boss areas. We will try our best to give useful advice so you can have a good and successful trip in this complicated environment.

Escape from Tarkov Woods Map Spawn Locations

First, we strongly recommend carrying 5,000 Rubles for your initial raid on the Woods. You will require these when the time comes to leave. Only 5 out of 28 spawning locations are in the map’s center, while the others are on the edges. There’s no way to avoid going through the boss first, who is waiting for a duel with you at the Sawmill.

  • On River North: The river serves as a good starting point for locating it. There are three possible starting points: a hill, village, or bridge extraction.
  • Lake Region: Some lakes and reservoirs lie there in the northwestern part of the EFT Woods map. Remember, landmines fill its west terrain and there are four spawns in this pond area.
  • Lake East: This is where you find yourself in a wide-open area beside the lake. Moreover, you can see the nuclear power plant close to this spot and a ruined defense outpost of the army.
  • Lake West: You’ll find a spawn area at the lake’s west end when you’re deep in the forest. You can find nothing but a white truck vehicle or a lonely cabin.

Tarkov Woods Map Exit/Extraction Points

Escape from Tarkov Woods Interactive Map

To understand the Woods in EFT, consider the big pond shown as a large blue area in the above image. Because it is both a key location and close to multiple exits or extractions points from a geographical point of view.

While considering the extractions, there are a lot all across the region. Only a few extracts are available to everyone, with some exclusive to Scavs and others only accessible to PMC players. Below, we have listed all of them separately so it becomes easy for you to identify each.

Exits for Everyone

Name Location For Whom? Always Open Requirement
Factory Gate (Co-Op) From the RUAF Roadblock, head east and you’ll soon reach a railway line. The exit is through the red gate which is on your right. Everyone No A Scav or PMC is required at this exit point.
Outskirts You’ll find this exit on the path that departs from the southwestern end. Everyone Yes No
RUAF Roadblock On the southeastern part of the map close to water, there is a road with a vehicle and tent in this area. Get closer to the wall out there for your desired spot. Everyone No Green flares are necessary at the extraction.
UN Roadblock Head over to the map’s southeast end until you reach a grey gate marked with the “EVAC” label Everyone Yes No
ZB-014 Travel south from the western area, and you’ll come upon a large boulder that conceals an underground tunnel. Everyone No The requirements for this extraction are green flares and the ZB-014 Key.

Only Scav Exits

Name Location For Whom? Always Open Requirement
Boat There is a small bridge close to Dead Man’s Place. When you reach there, you will find a damaged boat which is your required spot. Scav Yes No
Dead Man’s Place If you move towards the north from Outskirts Water, the path will lead you to the area where there is a corpse. Keep close to that body. Scav Yes No
Eastern Rocks On the east, just before the road leading to the Old Sawmill, you’ll discover a rocky outcrop. Locate the place where the rocks form a connection with a railing. Scav Yes No
Mountain Stash There is a massive formation of rock known simply as Cave, located in the middle of the Woods and slightly to the east. South of it, you’ll see a narrow doorway leading in. Your exit spot is a stash lying there. Scav Yes No
Old Station There is a desolate gas station at the conclusion point of the rail line. Get near a white blanket located close to one of the pillars. Scav Yes No
Scav Bridge This extraction point is located on the northern part of the map, beyond the deserted village. Find a green container with a skull and arrow. Observe the direction of the arrow. Scav Yes No
Scav Bunker A radio tower can be seen off to the west near the Bridge Overlook. Look here for the opening of the tunnel. Scav Yes No
Scav House On the southwestern side of the map is a cottage with a wooden fence all the way around it. Scav Yes No

Only PMC Exits

Name Location For Whom? Always Open Requirement
Bridge V-Ex Beyond Scav Town, you will find a black SUV by moving on the path leading from the northeast of Woods. PMC No There must be a black SUV there and you need to spend 5,000 Roubles.
North UN Roadblock This exit is at the roadblock with a grey gate and obstacles at the start of the road leading to the Old Sawmill. PMC Yes No
ZB-016 Make your way a short distance to the east from Jaeger’s Camp, there is an entry to the bunker. PMC No There should be green flares on the spot.

Escape from Tarkov Woods Map Vital Landmarks

It’s important to have a backup plan for the map. Use this if you lose your way while navigating through the forest area from the spawn. The map features five useful landmarks: a vast water area in the north and east, northern Tarkov city, a nuclear power plant in the east, a massive south lake, and large hills in the center.

The large mountain and the nuclear power plant are excellent landmarks for locating yourself. The city’s best views are from above the hill or approaching from the north. Other than that, the plant is more frequently visible through the trees.

Using the cooling towers, you may quickly and easily find your way across the Woods map. If you notice a blue haze blocking the towers’ view, it’s likely that you are now on the map’s western coast. Seeing them would indicate that you are heading to the east.

Woods Scav, Loot, and Weapon Locations

A Scav Sniper who is scouting the map from the hill
A Scav Sniper is scouting the area from the hill’s rock.

As you explore, you encounter enemies eager to fire their weapons. But Scavs rarely venture far from their surveillance zones, centered along the river’s northern and eastern banks. People mostly scavenge around the expansive lake and sawmill situated in the southern region. If you decide to relocate that spot, be on your guard. Remember, a sniper observes the terrain from the sawmill’s northeastern hill area.

Starting out, it’s better to focus on the north and east regions of the Woods. This area is relatively free of Scavs, and it’s easier to make out the landscape. Some boxes in this place include weapons, while others have military supplies. Beware of the Scav with a sniper on the big rock in the middle of the map.

Best Weapons for Woods Map in EFT

In Escape from Tarkov, you have many weapons to choose from. Your skills and accurate shots are important for using them effectively. For this EFT map, bring a skilled sniper with a rifle for this area.

Many firearms fall into these two categories, but we suggest Remington Model 700 (M700) to make it easy for you. It’s the best sniper rifle available due to its affordable pricing, rapid rate of fire, and precision. However, the SVDS has less kickback and improved precision, making it a great option for a sniper rifle. Additionally, equip the scope you prefer and other suitable attachments and you are ready to have some real action.

EFT Woods Map Boss & Dangerous Areas

Be careful in the sawmill area and nearby as there are lots of Scavs, and the Shturman boss is there too. On the other side, the massive lake on the southern end is another dangerous place to be cautious because you can usually find yourself in front of many opponent players near the edge.

Shturman Boss

Shturman Boss looking over the sawmill area on Woods map.
Shturman Boss looking over the sawmill area.

Aside from spawning on the hill, the Shturman boss can also wander near the sawmill. While he may be in other locations occasionally, he spends most of the time at the red building. You must focus on the three Rogue bosses guarding the Scav Bunker’s extraction. Looking at the top of the Woods map in Escape from Tarkov, you can see an antenna symbol showing the Bunker exit.

The Cultist Priest is another enemy of Woods and Shturman and the Rogue dangers. You can find them at the settlement to the Scav Bridge’s east village, located towards the north. The west of the sawmill is another possible area to face them.

Two of his group members, who fight for him, accompany the Shturman boss. This trio is cautious of getting too close to the player because each has long-range firearms. The Scav boss warns you by shooting 3 to 5 times before attacking. If you shoot back, all three will hide and keep attacking you.

Before engaging Shturman and his troops at the sawmill, we strongly advise conducting a thorough reconnaissance. Don’t fight from far away but get close to defeating enemies fast as it’s not wise to confront them from a distance. They are vital in long-distance conflicts and always avoid the players.

Bottom Line

It takes a lot of time and effort to master Escape of Tarkov. Since many newbies have trouble navigating their first several Raids, we put on this detailed walkthrough for the players to quickly learn and become experts on the Tarkov Woods map. To that end, we offer our sincere appreciation for your time spent reading this guide. Furthermore, you can also check our Escape from Tarkov Lighthouse map guide.