Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree: How to Get Ash of War Rolling Sparks

Know about the location and power of Ash of War: Rolling Sparks in Elden Ring's latest DLC.

By GamesRecon

Rolling Sparks is one of the new Ash of War that you can get in the highly anticipated Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree DLC. This unprecedented weapon skill coats the ground in explosive perfumed powder bursting into rolling explosions of vicious sparks. With this guide, you’ll find where to find this Ash of War: Rolling Sparks and what this fiery ability can do for you.

How to Get Ash of War: Rolling Sparks in Shadow of the Erdtree

To get this new powerful Ash of War, you’ll need to go into the new areas added by the Elden Ring DLC. Get to Scadu Altus, an area northwest of the Scorched Ruins. When you land, set your sights on Castle Ensis, and there, you will face Rellana, the Twin Moon Knight. You will have to defeat her and after that, you can continue on your way.

Exit the Highroad Cross Site of Grace and head north on the main road past the Messmer soldiers’ camps. Now that you are near the Furnace Golem, you will want to start heading towards the southeast camp located in Shadow Keep. Instead of heading to the Keep, head back and up the hill, you just crawled through with the wooden spike pylons. Three Perfumers will protect the area, so fight them off and move on up.

Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree DLC - flying scarab in the air with Rolling Sparks Ash of War.

A flying scarab holds the Ash of War: Rolling Sparks. This scarab is located high in the sky, so you will not see it immediately. Be sure to keep your eyes up and check the skies as you near the camp. Once you find the scarab, kill it by any means necessary, whether using a ranged weapon or any Elden Ring Incantation. Defeating the scarab successfully will give you valuable Rolling Sparks.

What Does Ash of War: Rolling Sparks Do?

Perfume Bottles to use Rolling Sparks Ash of War in Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree.

Using this Ash of War is going to require Perfume Bottles in your inventory. Go to the Roundtable Hold, choose your way through Site of Grace or Smithing Master Hewg, and equip this. Rolling Sparks comes with no armament’s affinity, instead just a skill. On use the Tarnished releases big glowing sparks around the body that deal a good amount of damage to closer enemies. This Ash of War has a use of 14 FP and you cannot power it up to increase its strength.

Using Ash of War: Rolling Sparks to attack enemy in Shadow of the Erdtree.

The base damage of Rolling Sparks is notable, but the real strength is in the versatility of the use of Perfume Bottles. Different perfumes can change the properties of those sparks, and they become more effective against specific enemy types or in particular scenarios. Try different perfume bottles to suit your play style.

The explosions do not hit immediately, they roll out gradually so the effect of this Ash of War skill is best at taking down a cluster of enemies or when they are advancing in a line. These rolling motion sparks make it a useful combat tool. Ash of War: Rolling Sparks is of great use in Elden Ring as it can deal high damage across a large arc.