Best Metroidvania ‘Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night’ Adds New Game Modes and Cosmetics in Next Week’s Update After 5 Years of Launch

A big update is just around the corner for Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night, packing loads of fresh things into the beloved Metroidvania.

By GamesRecon

Five years after its release, Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night is still redefining the Metroidvania genre with its major update scheduled to drop next week. The game is known for its deep and gratifying gameplay, coupled with 2.5D style, which has made it a standout for Metroidvania fans, often being called a spiritual sequel to the long-standing classic “Symphony of the Night.”

On May 9, PC players will be the first to experience this Update 1.5 of the game, with the same update coming to PlayStation and Xbox on the said date and to the Nintendo Switch a week later. This is something crucial for game fans. Not to mention, it brings two brand new, original multiplayer modes and a free cosmetic pack to allow for even more customization of Miriam with added flair.

First up from the new modes is the Chaos Mode, which puts a roguelike twist on Bloodstained’s classic gameplay. Players are tasked with working their way through a dungeon-style maze full of procedurally generated rooms and, of course, demons and bosses. This can be played solo or co-op, locally or online, and players can increase their abilities with upgrades after each chapter by completing specific challenges before every big boss.

The other side of the coin is Versus Mode, which adds a unique competitive twist: players do not directly fight but try to outshine each other by using strategic techniques. Examples include things like racing to defeat demons to harvest the souls that will power up abilities, or alternately, players can sabotage an opponent with control reversals or vision-occluding fog. The mode also supports both local and online play, further the already very cooperative game even more fun and interesting.

Aside from those, three new premium cosmetic packs have been added, which the player can buy to further outfit Miriam with exclusive clothing items and weapons, each with the ability to up her stats by upgrading. A free cosmetic pack will also be available, ensuring all players can enjoy fresh customizations without extra cost.

Next will be the premium “Classic II: Dominique’s Curse” DLC, which will look to bring back that retro feel with a supersized map and a storyline that can stand on its own. The new project continues the rich narrative and challenging gameplay fans have come to expect.

This is in addition to the studio presenting the physical PC edition plans, which will fulfill the final Kickstarter reward and show ongoing dedication to the supportive fanbase and the continued evolution of Bloodstained. These expansions are used for reinforcing past glories, treading on new ventures, and making it relevant to a community of best-beloved classics.