Why Amazon Dropped All Episodes of Fallout at Once?

Have they make a big mistake and waste this major hit?

By GamesRecon

Amazon’s choice to drop all eight episodes of its Fallout TV series’s season 1 in one go is something out of usual which you may not have expected as you used to watch one episode a week whenever they released a new series. This switch has got everyone talking about why they decided to go this route now.

Usually, Amazon likes to keep us hanging on week by week, which gets the buzz going on the web everywhere. Shows like “The Boys” and “The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power” are reflections of this. But with “Fallout,” they’ve flipped the script and gone for a full binge-release, it’s what Netflix used to do when they first started with “House of Cards.”

There are a few guesses floating around about why Amazon went this way. Maybe they think the binge-watch setup fits “Fallout” better because of how the story is told or what the fans expect. Or maybe, Amazon wants to quickly get past the show if it doesn’t hit the mark, sort of like what some think Disney did with the “Echo” season.

The team behind Fallout has put together a show that’s supposed to be a complete story on its own, with top-notch production and no dragging out the story to set up endless sequels or spin-offs. They’ve painted a detailed, dramatic picture of a post-apocalyptic world that you might want to dive deep into without any breaks, soaking in all the complex characters and twists at once.

This move is an example of how these streaming giants are trying to figure out the best way to release shows to keep us hooked and make sure their audience is happy and doesn’t hesitate to spend on their subscriptions. It’ll be interesting to see if this 2all in once’ premiere helps or hurts the series in the long run.

Even though Fallout seems built for a week-by-week release, each episode wraps up with a cliffhanger and starts with a recap. So by watching all at once, you might end up blending or messing the episodes together and lose some of their unique flavors or even miss out on many strong points. For example, it might not be so noticeable that Maximus isn’t in 4th episode if you’re only steamrolling through the series.

But Amazon has already confirmed Season 2 of Fallout and there’s big talk of it already, which could mean Fallout 1 will eventually get the episodic attention it seems designed for. And from the looks of it, the fans are there, ready and waiting, even if they have to stick around a bit longer to let all the secrets lingering in their heads and character arcs sink in.