Teamfight Tactics: Exciting Changes and New Features in New Update

Find out what's new comes in the game.

By GR Staff

Teamfight Tactics (TFT elo boost), the auto-battler strategy game developed by Riot Games, has continued to captivate players with its unique gameplay mechanics and constantly evolving meta. In recent months, TFT has undergone several updates, introducing exciting changes and new features that have revitalized the gameplay experience for both newcomers and seasoned veterans.

In this article, we will explore the latest updates in Teamfight Tactics and delve into the enhancements that have breathed new life into the game.

Set 6: Dawn of Heroes:

One of the most significant updates to Teamfight Tactics is the release of Set 6: Dawn of Heroes. This set introduces new champions, traits, and exciting gameplay mechanics. Set 6 brings a fresh roster of heroes from different factions, each with unique abilities and synergies to explore.

The introduction of new traits, such as Syphoner and Skirmisher, provides players with fresh strategic options and team compositions to experiment with. Set 6 also includes the innovative “Paragons” system, allowing players to select a specialized bonus for their champions, further diversifying gameplay strategies.

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Revamped Item System:

The item system in Teamfight Tactics has received a significant revamp in recent updates. With the removal of the carousel rounds, players now acquire items through the Armory. The Armory provides a selection of pre-determined items, and players must choose strategically based on their champions and desired team composition.

This change adds a layer of decision-making and adaptability to itemization, as players must now consider their current lineup and potential future upgrades when selecting items.

Item Shadow System:

In addition to the revamped item system, Teamfight Tactics has introduced the Item Shadow system. This system allows players to craft “Item Shadows” using duplicate items. Item Shadows function similarly to regular items but can be combined with other Item Shadows to create more powerful versions.

This innovation provides players with greater flexibility and enables them to adapt their strategies on the fly by manipulating their item inventory throughout the game.

TFT Boosting:

TFT boosting is a service provided by skilled players or third-party websites, where a player pays for someone else to play on their account to achieve a higher rank. The TFT booster, usually an experienced and highly ranked player, plays matches on the client’s account, winning games and boosting their rank.

The purpose of TFT boosting is to bypass the need for skill improvement and time investment required to climb the ranked ladder legitimately.

Reckoning Pass:

The Reckoning Pass is a new battle pass system introduced to Teamfight Tactics. Players can purchase the pass to gain access to exclusive cosmetic rewards, including Little Legends, arena skins, emotes, and more. By completing weekly missions and earning experience points, players can progress through the pass and unlock various tiers of rewards.

The Reckoning Pass adds an extra layer of progression and customization, allowing players to showcase their achievements and unique style in the game.

Balance Adjustments and Patch Updates:

To maintain a fair and enjoyable gameplay experience, Teamfight Tactics regularly receives balance adjustments and patch updates. These updates address any imbalances, bugs, or unintended interactions in the game.

Riot Games actively listens to community feedback and takes into account the state of the meta to ensure that Teamfight Tactics remains a dynamic and engaging experience for all players.


Teamfight Tactics continues to evolve and surprise players with its constant updates and new features. Set 6: Dawn of Heroes introduces fresh champions, traits, and gameplay mechanics, inviting players to explore new strategies and team compositions. The revamped item system, along with the addition of the Item Shadow system, adds depth and flexibility to itemization. The Reckoning Pass provides players with cosmetic rewards, further enhancing their engagement and progression. With ongoing balance adjustments and patch updates, Teamfight Tactics remains a vibrant and ever-evolving auto-battler game that offers something exciting for both new and seasoned players. So, gear up, strategize, and dive into the ever-evolving world of Teamfight Tactics!