Modern Warfare 3 Player Finds Great Way to Farm Camo Challenge Kills

A player has turned the toughest challenge into an easy feat.

By GamesRecon

In Modern Warfare 3, earning the dazzling camos is akin to a badge of honor. However, getting these valuable things is not an easy feat. It’s a grind, a relentless one at that. Sure, some tasks are a breeze, but others will have you tearing your hair out in frustration.

Take, for instance, the notorious bullet penetration kills challenge. The idea is simple but maddening: you need to take down enemies through walls or other barriers. Yes, not something that happens every day in your average game. But a savvy MW3 player has just flipped the script.

This genius, a user by the name of Jonnyvue on the ModernWarfareIII subreddit, has unveiled a great way to farm those Penetration Kills, particularly for LMGs (Light Machine Guns). And the battlefield of choice? It’s the chaotic Shipment map.

The most efficient way I’ve found to farm “Penetration Kills” for LMGs
byu/jonnyvue inModernWarfareIII

Jonnyvue’s method is straightforward but brilliant. Opt for Hardcore mode, grab an LMG decked out with armor-piercing rounds, and get ready for some serious action. The trick is to exploit the spawn points by spraying bullets through the containers right as the match kicks off. What you get is a barrage of easy kills, making the challenge feel like a piece of cake.

But let’s not sugarcoat it: this strategy is a bit controversial. Some in the community have stated it is disgusting due to its spawn-killing nature. Yet, there’s no denying its effectiveness, with many players admitting they are happy with this thing and plan to use it themselves. It does raise a question, though: Will Sledgehammer Games, the developers, step in to curb this tactic? Only time will tell.

Jonnyvue suggests that any LMG can work wonders here, as long as it’s equipped with Armour Piercing Rounds to smash the containers. Adding a suppressor helps keep you off the minimap, and a 200-round mag is just the cherry on top, letting you unleash a continuous stream of fire without pausing.

But playing in Hardcore mode is essential. Why? Because the time-to-kill (TTK) in standard modes doesn’t cut it for consistent penetration kills. So, if you’re stuck on this camo challenge and ready to throw in the towel, give this strategy a try. Maybe this is the one-and-only solution you’ve been looking for all along.