Horizon Forbidden West The Burning Shores: Still Trapped in Having an Influential Character

Enjoy the new gameplay and explore interesting aspects of the DLC.

By GamesRecon

Guerilla Games Studio has once again released a DLC to amaze and satisfy its numerous users around the globe. An outstanding opportunity to explore the ruins of Hollywood for the very first time as Aloy flies on a sunwing with a magnificent cloud impact revealing the PS5 games’ power. The story had adequate excuses to persuade the player to come back after having a heavy battle with the Zeniths.

It starts directly with getting acquainted with a new female character Seyka. She seems nice, understandable, not annoying like Beta, and sort of aware of the surrounding environment as a result of getting involved with the Quen tribe and also having a Focus. The friendship begins immediately, as expected, and the story eventually starts.

Multiple battle fights with bandits, machines, Londra’s people, etc. Sometimes we see different eye contact between them regardless of having some arguments, such as the secrets Aloy keeps concealing from Seyka. Until we reach the final battle with the gigantic Horus, we have already seen an interesting relationship between Aloy and Seyka.

Now, the fight we have been waiting for surprises us. Aloy requires Seyka’s assistance. She has to fight on the ground while Seyka is helping from above. After a long struggle, they finally take down Londra and Horus, and tranquillity returns to the island. They return to the tribe, getting awarded by the chief, and feel happy taking down a threat.

The Major Problem

Before Aloy leaves, Seyka asks her to return to where they met each other for the first time. Aloy goes there while Seyka is being shined by the sunlight. You can probably guess what is about to happen. After a delightful conversation, Seyka says, “I want to be with you”, and a flash point appears.

This is the beginning of the biggest issue Guerilla Games still deals with, AN IMPACTFUL CHARACTER. The game lets you kiss Seyka, and Aloy will if you choose it. But, one question pops up: WHY HER?

There is literally NOTHING WRONG with the relationship, and we do support it. But, the principal problem is that Seyka is NOT that important to be known as this. What does it actually mean?

There are three vital fundamentals each successful game holds: Story, Character, and Gameplay. The Horizon series has been a true masterpiece in story, gameplay, and characters but limited to only one. The dilemma is that we only have Aloy. She is the most essential character, a wonderful heroine, whilst others, even as efficient and effective as Sylens, are under Aloy’s shadow. If we remove Aloy from the story, nothing remains. That said, think about someone like Varl. When we lost him, it was honestly sad. But, we readily and instantly forgot who he was and what he did, and his death wasn’t that emotional.

To make it more understandable, compare his death with Joel’s in The Last of Us Part 2. You were shocked by that fast and brutal cut scene, even though you might have predicted it. This is why you went through taking the revenge having ultimate anger and thirst. Joel was increasingly influential, and you wanted to heal your pains by taking down Abby and her companions.

What Should Be Done?

Since all characters are under Aloy’s shade in the Horizon Series, Guerilla Games should think about creating remarkable scenes exclusively for a specific character; otherwise, they will fail to introduce him/her to the player. We never understood who Seyka was; now she is the one Aloy falls in love with. Putting a label on a character must be very cautious and careful, and this wasn’t established for Seyka.

Let’s make another comparison: Beta. Initially, we saw how cowardly she was; she wasn’t a trained hunter like Aloy. But, one time, Aloy said an important expression about her: “That was something between me and my SISTER”. Finally, we recognized Beta. We didn’t know how to call her. Was she Aloy’s friend or companion? No. She was actually Aloy’s sister, and how fantastic it was. But, imagine you say: Seyka is Aloy’s lover. I mean, like WHY 🙂 For Seyka, it was a rushed decision they made. We only had a few missions with her and needed more time.

I believe that the best decision could have been an invitation for her to join Aloy’s squad; accepting the invitation, and in the next Horizon Game, which will be the final journey, they could fall in love with each other, and it would be completely romantic and acceptable for people. Another thing is that I expected something the opposite. If Aloy really loves Seyka, she should have given the proposal, not her.


The Burning Shores was an astounding chance to explore new territory and discover new machines and tribes. But, they must have been more cautious because they intended to propose a unique feeling for the main lovely character. Everything went awfully with that final scene, and in my opinion, if Guerilla Games keeps producing characters like this, it will be an unforgettable failure for them. Like this year, we saw no prizes for Horizon Forbidden West in the Game Awards.