The Last of Us

10 Facts About The Last of Us You Probably Didn’t Know

Naughty Dog is well-known for creating some of the best engaging environments in video games through their narratives and breathtaking horrific imagery. Still, the studio has wasted no money in protecting its mysteries.

Here are ten things about The Last of Us that you may not know if you skipped out on the game’s humorous tributes and fabled legends. You may find numerous allusions and winks to Naughty Dog’s past series in The Last of Us games.

Ellie’s first attempt at whistling sounds like Nate’s Theme from Uncharted, the video game that taught her how to play. You can get stuffed Nathan Drake, Jak, and Daxter figures after parting ways with Henry and Sam. These can be found in the tranquility residences’ nurseries. Some board games, including Jak and Daxter and unexplored, can be found tucked away in a dark area of the Choo Choo toy store, much like the stuffed toys.

Naughty Dog skillfully disguised many in-references and other amusing links to the broader picture beyond Joel and Ellie’s zombie-infested terrain throughout both titles. These mysteries don’t always leap out and distract you from what’s happening right now. Instead, they try to compensate for what was missing before, making life a multifaceted and fascinating adventure. Watch this video on a few facts about The Last of Us to uncover the extent of such secrets.