Project Frontier Official Announcement Video

Check out the video for an engaging talk from the developers of Project Frontier, the new survival game that’s perfect for quick play sessions with friends. You will find the great features of the game, like automated harvesting, NPC helpers, and team-based objectives, all designed to fit into shorter play sessions. Moreover, you will explore the ever-changing landscapes with procedurally generated maps that keep every game exciting.

The team will also give an insider look at CreatorLab, their very own game design platform built on Unreal Engine 5. You’ll learn how it lets you tweak almost everything in the game—from crafting your quests to designing weapons. We’ll see how CreatorLab not only powers Project Frontier but also empowers players to mod, remix, and shape the game’s world.

If you’re keen to try it out, playtest sign-ups for Project Frontier are open now. Check it out here: