Developers Drop Hint that Dead Island 2 Might Get New Game Plus

Get ready for some heart-thumping excitement as Dambuster Studios announces its plans to bring a brand new mode to the zombie sandbox.

By GamesRecon

The long-awaited Dead Island 2 has emerged from the depths of development hell and is now causing a stir among gaming enthusiasts thanks to Dambuster Studios’ remarkable efforts. The developers are thinking of adding a New Game Plus mode to the game so that gamers can experience even more of the game’s creepy universe.

Adam Duckett, the game’s design director, made an appearance on an XboxOn live to discuss the current developments and hint at the prospect of a New Game Plus option.

“A few of you are asking about New Game Plus, this is being looked at by the development team, so keep an eye on the Dead Island 2 social channels for updates,” the Studio’s agent explained.

The gaming community is going crazy about Dambuster’s cryptic hints about a possible new Game Plus feature. Despite the lack of formal confirmation, the team’s dedication to investigating this feature is quite encouraging. Other developers have also added this feature well after the game’s official launch; for example, God of War Ragnarok got it in April, which comes after months of gap between the game’s first release in November 2022.

Despite Dead Island 2’s already mammoth 15-20 hour campaign, developer Dambuster is gearing up to add more content. Why wouldn’t they? After only three days on sale, the title already crossed the one million mark in global sales. Get ready for more intense gameplay as you embark on an adventure that, if completed with all six playable characters, might take you anywhere from 90 to 120 hours.