Zombies Takeover London in the Latest Update of Watch Dogs: Legion of the Dead

By GamesRecon

After pushing the Watch Dogs: Legion players against a fascist regime, Ubisoft has introduced a new foe “the undead”. Today in the free update on all the platforms, a new game mode has been added with the title ‘Legion of the Dead‘. In this mode, a little group of four players faces the zombie armies when they attempt to leave the streets of London by carrying the goods along with them as much as they can.

The Legion of the Dead was launched already in June but it was only an alpha release for the PC players. But from today onwards, players are now able to take on the undead in the streets of London.

Players must escape the zombie-infested city along with as many supplies as possible in this game mode. But, not just the undead, but also Albion soldiers who have stockpiled supplies for themselves, are in the way. Players would have to maneuver around the horde of zombies that have swarmed the city and fight off troops in order to obtain consumables and additional uses, such as ammo and equipment.

Players will be rewarded with Z-Creds, a new currency that can only be utilized in Legion of the Dead, after an eventual cut. The players can use these to buy weapons and gadgets which are not available in the field.

Watch Dogs: Legion has recently introduced Assassins to its futuristic scenario, in addition to zombies. New game modes and a crossover with Assassin’s Creed were added in the game’s 5.5 title update.