Warhammer 40K: Darktide – Overview of Mission Types

Thinking about completing Darktide's missions? Here's a quick guide to the some of the best challenges.

By GamesRecon

There are some good first-person shooter gamers that have been released. Some of them can be played online with fellow friends, like Warhammer 40K for example. The new release of Darktide sure made some fans excited. This game allows you to play with other players to finish the objectives, which is mainly defeating the malicious orcs.

Although the game heavily relies on the multiplayer experience, the story doesn’t disappoint. We don’t want to spoil anything here, so if you like an FPS game with a solid story, Darktide is your game.

What we want to talk about today is the kinds of missions there are in Warhammer 40K: Darktide. Several missions can be taken and completed with other players, and thanks to the variety, you can always have a different experience each time you play it. See the list of them below.

The Best Way to Play Warhammmer 40K: Darktide

Before we go deeper into talking about the variety of missions you can find in this game, we’d like to give you an additional tip. As Darktide is basically an online game, keeping yourself secure is a must. The easiest way you can get additional protection is by using a VPN service. The VPNs allow gamers to remain anonymous and protect their gaming identity. So while you’re playing the game smoothly since the pings and lags have been minimized, you can always be safe when doing so.

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Now, let us back to our main topic. There are seven different missions in Darktide. See the explanations below:

The Missions Types in Warhammer 40K: Darktide

1. Assassination

The first, and probably one of the favorites is Assassination. As you may know, on this mission you’ll have to hunt a heretic captain. Of course, the captain will be heavily guarded by the army and the shields around him. So make use of the power attacks to break the defense and hunt the captain for good.

2. Disruption

A mission that can be longer than hunting a heretic captain is Disruption. It’s basically a base-capture game where you and the team have to seize a Comms-Plex that was previously taken by the enemies.

You have to deal with waves of enemies first, configure the satellites, and then transmitter. It’ll be a long process, but we guarantee that it’s a good one.

3. Espionage

It’s ninja time. Espionage missions need you to be secretive in dealing with the objectives. You’ll have to breach into a station, steal the data there, and sabotage the array. Of course, enemies are expected. But you got a team here, so while they distract the enemy, one of you should take the opportunity to do the necessary objectives.

Some processes are involved in the mission completion, like rebooting the data interrogators, and file-data uploading.

4. Investigation

Another interesting kind of mission is Investigation. On these missions, your team has to scout the map to collect some samples. You’ll have to find the samples, scan them, and take them out from different sites. One thing that’s necessary before trying the mission is learning about the Auspex.

While the game itself is sure fun to play, we can’t recommend using a gaming VPN enough knowing its benefits. If you’re planning to play an online game like Darktide for the long run, a gaming VPN is what you need to keep yourself safe.

5. Raid

Now this is where the guns blazing. The raid missions require your team to get into the heretic armory. While the break-in is sure fun as you need to defeat some enemies at your will, the later part could be a little bit complex. You’ll need to break into the train cars and loot any important items inside.

6. Repair

The repair missions require the team to fix some stations. Of course, they need a tool to do get the job done, and the tool in question is Crynoic Rod. Your team has to go to the center of the map to get it. As the item is heavy, Skullbreakes class can be useful to carry the objects at full speed.

7. Strike

The last one on the list is Strike. Strike missions are a combination of several missions into one. You’ll have to infiltrate a location, kill enemies, and clean any signs of demonic infestation. On each infestation, there’s something called a Corruptor that you need to destroy.

The missions are sure fun to do, but it’s even more when you can get yourself properly protected using the VPN services. There are so many risks of online games that you might experience. So instead of fixing the troubles, it’s always better to prevent them in the first play by taking necessary action.

About the Darktide Zones

Warhammer 40: Darktide has several zones your team can be deployed to: Manufactory “Metalfab 36”, Habzone “The Torrent”, Transit Hub “Chasm Terminus”, and Freight Port “The Hourglass”.

Usually, there are 2 to 4 missions in each zone, so it’ll be long for you and the team to completely finish the map.