How to Rank Up Quickly in Valorant

Get to the top of the Valorant ranks with these best tips.

By GamesRecon

A new act just got started in Valorant a few days ago, and if you are looking to grind your way to Radiant this season, starting right now might be the ideal strategy. However, climbing the ranks in Valorant can be grueling, as it demands not only continous wins but also stellar performances to reach the top tier.

Sure, some would simply go and buy Valorant accounts to get through the arduous process of ranking up in the game, but the true thrill lies in advancing through your own efforts, which can be both fun and fulfilling. This guide will help you in making it easier to rank up in Valorant in this new act by telling you a few good proven Valorant rank-up tips that usually top players follow in their gameplay.

Warming Up Before Getting into Competitive

Warming up before getting into a competitive match is really essential for preparing for the game you are getting in. People underestimate a warm-up routine; In fact, a good warm-up routine can do wonders for a player struggling with inconsistency or fatigue. A good Warm-Up routine before a match can improve overall reaction time, reduces the chances of whiffing (missing your shots) as well as help you with your muscle memory.

Here we will talk about some warm-up routines which are followed by top players that you can use to improve your aim in Valorant.

  1. Aimlabs: Aimlabs is an aim training software available that can be downloaded from Steam’s official website or directly from your Steam client, get into Aimlabs and it will show you some playlists that you can play according to your game.
  2. Kovaaks: Kovaaks is another aim training software available on Steam, but unlike Aimlabs it’s the paid version of the same.
  3. Deathmatch: Deathmatch is a great way to warm up in Valorant since it challenges you with real in-game scenarios which will be faced by you when you get into a competitive match. Pro Players generally prefer playing at least three to four matches of this mode before getting into a competitive match.
  4. The Range: Range is a training area that is available in-game by default. In Range, people can practice their aim, kill bots to learn gun mechanics and test new weapons, and practice their reaction time by playing default bot training routines.

Practicing to improve aim in Valorant

Try to Avoid Going Solo Queue

Top players who consistently reach Radiant rank in the game always try to avoid going solo queue if they can, the reason being lack of coordination and communication with random players and the burden of carrying them every game. While it is not always possible to avoid solo queues, playing with a team can help mitigate these issues and improve your chances of winning.

Playing with a team allows you to coordinate effectively, communicate well, and develop strategies that work for everyone. It also allows you to build a positive and supportive atmosphere, which can make the game more enjoyable.

Always Play for the Team and Not for the Kills

Playing for the team increases your chances of converting those very close rounds, which can almost change the whole game. Playing for the team means you are not baiting your teammates, giving them weapons whenever they are broke, and always communicating your plays. Players who are stuck in low ranks generally think too much about getting more kills. In Valorant, securing round victories is more crucial than getting more kills. The ultimate aim is to win the match, and this is mostly achieved by winning rounds.

While getting kills is important in the game, it is not the only factor that decides the outcome of the game. Kills can give your team an advantage, but they do not necessarily convert into winning rounds. Winning rounds requires strategic play and coordinating with your teammates. Focusing too much on getting kills can sometimes be detrimental to your team’s success. Players who prioritize kills over teamwork may engage in risky plays or neglect important objectives, which can hurt their team’s chances of winning.

While kills are significant, they are not the only determinants of a game’s outcome. Kills can provide a tactical edge, but they don’t guarantee round victories, which depend heavily on teamwork and coordination. Overemphasizing kills can backfire, leading to risky plays and a disregard for key objectives, which can jeopardize your team’s success. While kills do contribute to gaining control and momentum in the game, they should not dominate your strategy.

Always Promote Your Team and Stay Positive

Promoting and appreciating your team when they are doing good in the game can make your team do better in the game. Appreciation will help keep them focused, and your team will try much harder to win the rounds because they will look for your appreciation.

Staying positive and not being toxic when your team is doing well is also a factor that will help you win more matches. Staying positive can help reduce toxicity in the game. Toxic behavior, such as insults, harassment, or grief, can create a negative atmosphere and make the game less enjoyable for everyone.

Stick to Your Main Agents and Master them

Sticking to your main agents and learning them will help you avoid any confusion, not even pro players play every agent in the game; they always stick to a few of their main agents and master them until they are one of the best. You can understand your agents by learning their line-ups (if they have one), watching streams of top players playing your agent, and trying to mimic their plays.

Playing your main agents regularly can help you develop expertise in that agent’s abilities, strengths, and weaknesses. This can give you an advantage over other players who are less familiar with that agent