Unintentional Online Premiere of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Confirms It

Another major sequel might be closer than we think!

By GamesRecon

Call of Duty landscape is as wild as an out-of-control Warzone match right now. With all the buzz about Microsoft’s impending Activision takeover, a battalion of quirky new operators flooding Warzone, and the resurgence of some golden-age COD classics, it’s a battleground just trying to stay updated.

But let’s cut the chatter and drop into the real hot zone today: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III. No, you’re not seeing things, and no, Activision hasn’t gone rogue and officially announced it yet (they’re a bit tied up with the FTC). But the intel is solid, soldier – MWIII is on the horizon. The grapevine’s been buzzing louder than a Killstreak UAV for weeks, and it feels like we’re closing in on the big reveal.

The rumor mill is working overtime, suggesting a backdrop of the Gulf War for this installation. We might even see the return of a specific antagonist we thought had checked out for good. Some stealthy insiders have been on a recon mission and snagged a sneak peek at a pre-release build of the game.

According to Twitter user @xinput_, Activision’s been running a classified alpha playtest. The intel includes a whole dossier of juicy info: guns and operators transferring from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, a comeback for weapon blueprints, some shelved content from Vanguard, a fan-favorite minimap back in rotation, and even amped-up movement speeds.

We see a repeat deployment of MWII’s remastered Terminal and Scrapyard maps and a significant reshuffle of the perk system into a new ‘gear’ category. Leaked clips and images have even hit the net – Activision was fast to deploy DMCA takedown orders, but here’s where it gets spicy.

These takedown notices – referred to the game Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III. Boom! While we’ve been speculating on that title for some time, this is the first confirmation from the horse’s mouth. It pretty much gives a solid salute to the authenticity of the leaks. All that’s left is to gear up for the full reveal. So stay frosty out there, gamers.