Roblox Has Been Offline for Over Two Days, Will Be Online Soon

Server troubles leave millions waiting.

By GamesRecon

A well-known platform for creating games Roblox is still down due to a server issue that started almost 48 hours ago and lasted much of the Halloween weekend. While the business claims to have found the source of the issue, there is no indication of when Roblox will be up and running completely. The problem was first detected by the game’s creator on October 29. As of October 31, the game’s servers are still offline for reasons that aren’t yet clear. It’s not tied to free burritos or hacking, at least that’s what we’ve established so far.

Early this week, a large tie-in between Roblox and the real-world Chipotle restaurant chain provided free actual burritos to the first 30,000 players who entered the in-game Chipotle store, alongside deals and gear offered as well. Just after the event began, Roblox stopped working, which sparked a flurry of fake stories.

Roblox is down at the moment, Halloween since it went down on Friday. The platform’s site including its support pages is also no longer up and going entirely, as well. However, as of right now, neither Roblox nor its crew appears to know when the game will be back online.

In a statement released on October 30, the company claimed to have found the “underlying internal reason of the outage” and that engineers and maintenance staff are working to bring the game back in service. A message from the company thanked viewers for their tolerance.

According to a Roblox spokeswoman, the outage was not caused by an “external infiltration.” However, the problem that caused the game to go offline is still a mystery. Chipotle had awarded $1 million dollars ’ worth of burritos through the game, according to several people who thought the Roblox outage was connected somehow. Roblox Corporation, on the other hand, has stated that it’s not the reality.

There have been persistent speculations that the platform will close down given the ongoing unavailability, this game will remain in the industry. To put the downtime in context, Roblox Corp. estimates that the game had 48 million users as of August 31st when it went down. Roblox Corp., like other Internet firms, is attempting to establish a “metaverse” with Roblox.