Malevento: A New Overwatch Map has been Added to the PC PTR

By GamesRecon

Despite the fact that Overwatch 2 is on the road, the game is getting fresh content for now. For that, a brand new Overwatch map named Malevento is making its appearance in the game. Although it won’t be available for everybody who plays Overwatch just yet.

Malevento is now playable on the PTR (Public Test Region) releases of the game, and it is only available for PC players. It’s worth noting that if you’re on a console or don’t upgrade to the PTR build, you didn’t lose out on such a new map for one of the game’s most popular objective-based modes.

While photos of the map don’t give the best indication of what players may anticipate from it, Blizzard’s comment on the map suggests that it will have a lot of tactical play. The announcement states:

“Discover the greatest corners for your Junkrat tires and the best rooftop vistas for your Widowmaker sniping shots.”

Malevento is expected to exit the PTR on September 28 and join the public Overwatch versions. This map’s release corresponds with Blizzard’s announcement that McCree’s name will be changed. This is because the character is named after Jesse McCree, an ex-Blizzard employee who was fired as a result of California’s ongoing lawsuit against Activision Blizzard.