The Legend of Zelda Leaks Suggest a Remake Could Be Coming to Nintendo Switch 2

New Zelda remake may hit Nintendo Switch 2, codenamed Edward.

By GamesRecon

Hold onto your Hylian Shields because the rumor mill is circulating with some exciting news that might just bring a classic adventure back to life on the upcoming Nintendo Switch 2.

A well-known leaker, Midori, dropped a juicy tidbit on X (formerly Twitter) about a mysterious project codenamed “Edward” that Nintendo is reportedly cooking up for its next-gen console. If Midori’s track record with leaks is anything to go by, we could be looking at a brand-new old game in the legendary “The Legend of Zelda” series.

So, why all the excitement about a codename? Well, Midori linked this particular codename to the Zelda franchise, much like a previous project named “Richard” which turned out to be the delightful remake of Link’s Awakening. Nintendo seems to love its royal references, as both codenames share names with English kings, stirring speculation that Edward might herald the return of another Zelda classic.

Exploring the Possibilities: What Could “Edward” Be?

1. HD Remakes on the Horizon?

First up, there’s a strong case for “Edward” being a new remake or remaster of fan favorites like “Twilight Princess” or “The Wind Waker.” Both titles have seen their HD days on the Wii U, but they skipped a release on the original Switch. Could Nintendo be saving them for a big debut on the new Switch 2?

2. Getting into Zelda’s Rich History

Alternatively, Nintendo might be plotting an in-depth dive with a full-blown remake of a Zelda title that’s been out of the limelight. Think along the lines of “The Minish Cap,” or the dual gems “Oracle of Seasons” and “Oracle of Ages.” And let’s not rule out the possibility of bringing “Ocarina of Time” or “Majora’s Mask” back with a modern twist.

The Zelda series has been a crown jewel for Nintendo, especially with the monumental successes of “Breath of the Wild” and its sequel “Tears of the Kingdom” on the Nintendo Switch. These titles not only attracted old and new fans alike but also racked up award after award.

The producer of the franchise Eiji Aonuma has already teased that his team is hard at work on the next major Zelda game, which will be a brand-new adventure, separate from the Switch titles. But that doesn’t mean Nintendo isn’t also planning to give us a blast from the past with the Switch 2.

While these are just rumors for now, the possibility of revisiting Hyrule in all its former glory (with a few upgrades, of course) on Nintendo’s next console is an exciting prospect.