How to Watch Godzilla Minus One – Where’s it Streaming?

Here's how and where you can watch Godzilla Minus One right now.

By GamesRecon

Have you been itching to see Godzilla Minus One? Well, your luck may be just around the corner. While the film has been huge for box offices around the world, actually catching it in theaters is another monster itself.

Barely two weeks after its release on December 1, 2023, in theaters, Godzilla Minus One had its premiere, where it helped it drum up a huge splash. Making a big roar worldwide, Godzilla Minus One soon became not only the highest-grossing Japanese movie in the U.S. ever but also won an Academy Award for Best Visual Effects in 2024. That historic win marked the first Oscar nomination and win for the Godzilla series, which got more eyes on the film.

So with all the success and acclaim that Godzilla Minus One has had since it went from theaters, finding it has been like trying to track down a stealthy Kaiju out in the wild. Now we’ve got an update on how you can actually see it for yourself.

Is Godzilla Minus One Available for Streaming?

As it is, Godzilla Minus One is currently streaming only on Prime Video, but unfortunately, only in Japan. Anyone outside Japan who is really itching to watch it, they would have to do so with a good VPN that enables bypassing Amazon’s geographical restrictions.

However, the movie comes without English subtitles, which hinders the experience, because unless you are good with Japanese, you may have to give it a bit more time for easier accessibility.

Those of us who are into the widescreen can still get a chance to see Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire at cinemas. You can join the ranks of those waiting for Godzilla Minus One to arrive at a streaming service here in the U.S.

Physical Copy? Yes, Please

More exciting yet is the fact that Toho Company has recently released a Blu-ray version of the movie in Japan on May 1, 2024. Although this was great news for fans in Japan, all of the other fans will have to wait until news of a Blu-ray release surfaces in the United States. However, as soon as it does arrive, it promises to be an “absolutely glorious item” for collectors and fans alike.

Is Godzilla Minus One on Netflix?

As of now, the movie is not streaming on Netflix. Streamer giant Netflix has amassed a large amount of related content from the Godzilla movie, but it is still not clear on which platform it will land, courtesy of Toho. However, with a well-stocked library regarding Godzilla stuff, Netflix could be a contender.

That’s how and where to see Godzilla Minus One. Did you get questions? We’ll stay on top of that new information and share it with you as soon as more details become available.