Final Fantasy XIV 6.2 Update Titled Buried Memory Will Be Released this Month

By GamesRecon

Final Fantasy XIV is among the top massively multiplayer online role-playing games since it receives frequent updates and fresh material. The Final Fantasy XIV 6.2 update, titled Buried Memory, is another major update coming later this month.

New content, including the main storyline mission, has been introduced to Final Fantasy XIV, and the patch notes can be seen on the official site. The tale follows the adventures of the Warrior of Light and Vrtra as they look for Vrtra’s sister, the mighty wyrm Azdaja. As you progress through that mission, you will face a variety of problems that veterans of Final Fantasy 14 will recognize immediately.

Update 6.2 additionally brings the Island Sanctuary for those who would rather avoid conflict. In an “island paradise,” gamers can farm and unleash their minions in peace. Check out the trailer for Buried Memory down below for a glimpse of the Island Sanctuary, as well as the rest of the stuff stated.

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Both the Abyssos raid and the Fell Court of Troia dungeon take place in a chaotic inner ring, while the latter is a fortress in the clouds. Other than that, the Containment Bay S1T7, and a unique variation cave, Sil’dihn Subterrane, have also been included.

The 6.2 patches will be released on August 23. The number of quests you can choose from in the endgame will increase once more. The Duty Support system has been updated to include the Aery, the Keeper of the Lake, the Sohm Al, Snowcloak, and Vault, which is great news for players that enjoy returning to previously explored dungeons. As for future updates, Square promises that they “will be gradually introduced in subsequent releases.”