Bethesda Says that Starfield Physical Copies Won’t Include Disc

In a world where digital is becoming the norm, Bethesda's Starfield might be setting a new trend - physical copies without discs, sparking a mix of confusion and concern among gamers.

By GamesRecon

So, you know how we all love owning physical copies of our favorite games, right? There’s something about that feeling when you walk out of the store with a shiny new game in your hand. It’s a sweet combo of nostalgia and collector’s satisfaction. Plus, there’s a crucial aspect of game preservation. It’s unsettling to consider a future when it will be impossible to acquire or gain access to some forms of media as their distribution shifts online. Getting a physical copy or disc that you can store away safely gives you the feeling that you’re preserving the game indefinitely.

Well, there’s been a bit of a stir in the gaming community about Bethesda’s upcoming space-exploration RPG, Starfield. It turns out, there might be a chance that the physical copies of Starfield won’t actually come with a disc. Instead, all physical editions are reported to include a code for the chosen platform. An official Bethesda Support account tweeted the news first, however, that tweet has already been deleted.

The response from gamers? Let’s just say, they aren’t thrilled. Over on Reddit, the reaction has been intense. One user, FerroLux_ , hopes it’s a mistake, while another, cmvora , points out that if this is true, it could seriously hurt the pre-owned market for the game.

The possibility exists that this is all a big misunderstanding. The official Spanish Bethesda account responded to the same question earlier this month, and their response was a bit different. They said, “It depends on the edition. For example, the standard edition has a disc, while the Constellation Edition comes with a code engraved on a collector’s item.” So, at the moment, it seems as though we’re receiving conflicting information.

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