According to Epic, the Fortnite Chapter 3 Map May Have Leaked

Deciphering Epic's clues to Fortnite's next big adventure.

By GamesRecon

Fortnite Chapter 3 is supposedly around the way soon. It’s reasonable to presume that the next chapter will feature a new island, even if Epic hasn’t announced the title of the third chapter. A new island may be on the way, as suggested by Epic’s most recent tweet, which appears to be a poke at players who are eager for additional information. It’s possible that we’ve already caught a glimpse of it.

A photo of Chapter 2’s map appears in Epic’s latest Twitter preview, although its surrounding statement suggests that we’ll be entering a new world when the war with the Cube Queen is over, the same as we did after Fortnite stepped into Chapter 2 in 2019. It wasn’t until two years later that Epic switched the island’s name from Athena to Apollo and added features including fishing vehicles and NPCs as the chapter progressed.

Many gamers believe that the Chapter 3 map has already made its presence, and thus we’ve begun an inquiry into the mythical implications of such calling traditions. The upcoming island may be named Artemis.

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A fan-created drawing of an island “idea” is getting a lot of attention on the internet and is suspected of being a disclosure. For the sake of not damaging insider relationships, genuine leaks are disguised as “concepts” or “speculations” in Fortnite and perhaps other games as well. This intricate sketch of an island that appears to fulfill the Fortnite pattern may be a leak, but it can’t be considered a genuine leak.

Even while there are a lot of new places to explore on this map, Epic has reimagined familiar spots like Pleasant Park, which has appeared in nearly every season of Fortnite to date, and Tilted Towers, which has been missing from the map for the past two years. Though the concept of diverse ecosystems and long PUBG-like bridges seems logical, it’s important to remember that all suggestions may simply be only the work of a follower who knows a lot about Epic’s map creation process.

So frequently as the sun shines in the morning, do Fortnite rumors, but we can’t just wait for much to witness the new island in action. On 4th December, at 1 p.m. PT/4 p.m. ET, the Chapter 2 ending will air. To book your digital spot for The Final, you can join a party of up to 15 others 30 minutes before the show. Keep an eye out for what is set to be the greatest event in Fortnite history.