A former Naughty Dog Employee Hints that The Last of Us Multiplayer is Set in a Deep City

By GamesRecon

The Last of Us multiplayer game is being kept under wraps by Naughty Dog, although Mathew Seymour’s LinkedIn page, a former environment designer of the firm, may have provided some intriguing details.

Although the portfolio does not specifically identify the title by name, it does state that he did work on it from June 2020 to December 2021. It stands to reason that he has not talked about The Last of Us: Part II and The Last of Us: Part I because both of these games do not feature any multiplayer campaigns.

Game Designer of Naughty Dog, Mathew Seymour's

It is unclear how much work has been done on The Last of Us Multiplayer edition and when it will be released, however for Naughty Dog, it is a tremendously impressive feat in regards to scope.

In addition to working on The Last of Us multiplayer, Naughty Dog is also working on another new idea, which players believe was alluded to in The Last of Us: Part I by in-game banners.

The Last of Us: Part I PS5 was released this Friday, while the PC version is now being worked on. You can check out our details about The Last of Us here.

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