Valorant 2023: What’s Coming Up Next?

Let's have a look at what Riot Games has planned for its fans for the next year.

By GamesRecon

Since being launched in June 2020, Valorant has steadily grown in popularity and is now one of the most popular video games in the community. In spite of Valorant’s success, Riot Games is carefully planning ahead for 2023 to ensure it gains the stability and dominance of games such as League of Legends. John Needham, Esports President of Riot Games, promises a reorganized structure for players and “new events that will thrill live audiences” worldwide.

New Regional Leagues

Up until now, the existing Valorant format has relied on the exciting spontaneity of tournaments. From 2023, there is to be far more emphasis on the prolonged suspense of league matches. There could be three brand-new leagues with a decidedly international appeal. One will cover the American continents, another incorporates Europe, the Middle East, and Africa, while the third league includes Asia and the Far East. Matches are to be played on a weekly basis and include live audiences. Whether you’re watching live or catching up, you can get the Valorant teams stats here.

Team Incentives

Although Valorant has encouraged star players to emerge, teamwork has always been an important part of the game’s structure. Riot Games’ plans for 2023 are to capitalize on the team camaraderie that has helped propel the game to such success. The teams of the new leagues are predicted to be selected from those who have displayed outstanding performances during 2022. The company is determined to make the new structure successful. To ensure the continued commitment of team players to a long-term league the firm will be offering financial support. In keeping with Valorant’s free-to-play format, teams won’t have to pay a fee to enter.

Improved Play

Not every team can find its way into the new leagues, but for those left behind, there are to be competitive domestic leagues. Riot Games is aware of maintaining Valorant as a worldwide game that players of every level can enjoy and participate in. New for 2023 will be an additional form of the leaderboard that should provide even more opportunities and incentives for promising players to develop their talents.

Favorite Valorant Features

To encourage new players to choose Valorant, the game is set to remain free of charge. Features such as earning Valorant Points and exchanging them for exclusive weapon skins will still be there during 2023. The game thrives on the introduction of new special agents. Harbor is the current latest, arriving in October 2022. Any new agents for Valorant 2023 are being kept firmly under wraps.


Mr. Needham pointed to the vast experience Riot Games has gained over the last decade in guiding League of Legends to worldwide success. The decision to restructure Valorant for 2023 is designed to create even more thrilling entertainment for audiences who have become devoted enthusiasts of eSports gaming. With such changes planned, it’s reassuring that the game itself is to remain as free as always.