Ubisoft Leaker Hints at Cillian Murphy Starring in Far Cry 7

Leaked images spark rumors of a Star-studded cast.

By GamesRecon

Looks like Cillian Murphy might be entering the video game world with his part in Far Cry 7. The scoop comes from j0nathan, a YouTuber known for his spot-on Ubisoft leaks. Recently, he stirred up the gaming community with a mysterious post that included a picture of Oscar-winner Cillian Murphy, a stick of dynamite with a countdown, a giant crab, and the number seven. These hints strongly point to Far Cry 7.

The dynamite with a 72-hour countdown is especially exciting—it suggests the game might have a race-against-the-clock storyline where players have 72 hours in the game world (that’s 24 real-time hours) to beat the game.

The picture of Cillian Murphy has everyone guessing he might be in the new game. But there’s a twist—after the leak, j0nathan commented on a fan’s perspective that maybe “Murphy” is just the name of the player’s character, not necessarily that Cillian Murphy himself will be in the game. J0nathan left it mysterious, neither confirming nor denying.

Given Ubisoft’s history of casting famous actors—like Michael Mando as Vaas in Far Cry 3 and Giancarlo Esposito in Far Cry 6—it’s quite possible Murphy could be involved, perhaps even playing a villain. But who knows, Ubisoft could surprise us with a totally different role for him.

There’s also buzz about two Far Cry games in the works, one of which focuses on multiplayer. But for now, Ubisoft is keeping details about Far Cry 7 under wraps. With Far Cry 6 released back in 2021, we’re probably getting close to some big news about the next game. Whether or not Cillian Murphy will star, only time will tell.