Top 10 Most Expensive Cars in GTA Online

From speed demons to style icons, these are the priciest rides in Los Santos.

By GamesRecon 6 Min Read

GTA Online (Grand Theft Auto Online) is one of the few games on this planet that can give you the same chills and thrills that you get only when you buy your first car in real life. Now Los Santos is the city of sins. And the only thing that makes you the center of attention in this sinful world is driving everywhere in a super expensive car.

I mean, there is nothing else that can give you the confidence to boast in public that “I am rich, you peasants!” better than a supercar that costs millions of dollars. GTA Online has this in abundance when it comes to some sleek-looking supercars that are extremely expensive because earning cash in GTA 5 online isn’t child’s play; it’s as hard as it gets unless you get lucky with some of these cheap GTA V modded accounts.

But now that you are hell-bent on buying one of the most expensive cars in GTA 5. Let us, actually check out the 10 most expensive cars in GTA 5 that you can buy with GTA v modded accounts.

Truffade Thrax (USD 2,325,00)

Number 10 on our list is the Truffade Thrax, whose design is nearly a replica of one of the globally famous Bugatti models. Truffade Thrax looks awesome, and this beauty arrives with a $2,325,000 price tag. But wait, this is just the onset.

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Ocelot XA 21 (USD 2,375,000)

With a USD 2,375,000 price tag, the Ocelot XA-21 stands firm at number 9 on our list. This one of the most expensive cars in GTA 5 Online is a perfect example of beauty and the beast. Not to mention, it doesn’t only look good but also offers a top speed of 160 miles per hour, a perfect deal for a supercar fan.

Annis RE 7B (USD 2,475,000)

Speaking of speed, the Annis RE-7B is for sure one of the fastest cars in the game. But, it comes with a high USD 2,475,000 price tag. And at the same time, this price will satisfy your need for speed in the best way possible.

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Progen Tyrus (USD 2,550,000)

Moving to candidate number 7 on our list. We have another racing car that has the potential to change the game with its sleek body. To be straight, Progen Tyrus brings together absolute power with its sharp looks. And, you will not regret the money that you spent on your GTA v modded accounts.

Overfloyd Tyrant (USD 2,515,000)

For GTA Online fans looking for beauty in the game, Overfloyd Tyrant is the perfect deal for you. This is the car that grasps everyone’s attention very much like a magnet. Especially, when it comes out on the city roads for a drive. In all, Tyrant is the complete package for a GTA v modded account owner who wants everything in one four-wheel package, i.e., beauty, power, and control!

Annis S80RR (USD 2,575,00)

Annis has repeated history by coming up with one of the most expensive cars in GTA 5 that GTA online players can get their hands on, only with affordable csgosmurfninja GTA V modded accounts. Besides, with its startling 2.5 million-dollar price tag, no one can throw a doubt on this act of theirs.

Grotti X80 Proto (USD 2,700,000)

Now, this is one of my favorite masterpieces. And, when it comes to the most expensive car in Grand Theft Auto Online. Proto, no doubt, has awesome looks. But that’s not all that you get with a USD 2,700,000 price tag. It offers a top on-road speed of 162 miles per hour. But, be careful with your need for speed while on the road in GTA Online.

Progen Emerus (USD 2,750,000)

Progen Emerus has something unique in itself that sets it apart from the rest. It is in the top three of the list for reasons that we will share with you now. Its never-before-seen handling ability, even at top speeds, makes it a safer bargain in GTA V Online.

Pegassi Tezeract (USD 2,825,000)

If you desire the sleekest car in GTA Online without compromising on top-speed ability. Then Pegassi Tezeract is the right thing for you. Further, this speeding beauty with a $2,825,000 price tag is a true standout in the arena of Los Santos.

Benefactor Krieger (USD 2,875,000)

Benefactor Krieger is the most expensive car in GTA 5 Online. Besides, Krieger deserves to be at the top of this list. Because it possesses everything a Grand Theft Auto Online fan could expect from this game. It offers top speed and a look that has no competition.

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